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Conspiracy charges are often challenging because these cases are complex and usually involve multiple accused players. A conspiracy in the criminal law is an agreement by two or more persons to commit a crime. No steps have to be taken to commit the crime, but there must be concurrence among the persons involved that a crime is to take place.

Conspiracies can be for just about any type of crime such as conspiracy to trespass or conspiracy to commit murder. Punishment for these crimes can be severe with convicted conspirators often spending months to years in prison. Have an advocate who knows the ins and outs of conspiracy law help you defend your charges. Contact a New Braunfels conspiracy attorney at The Kyle Law Firm today.

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Elements of Conspiracy

In modern conspiracy law, legal scholars cite two benchmark standards for a defendant being accused and tried of conspiracy, including:

  • There has to be clear evidence that a criminal offense is to be committed.
  • The commission of a covert act by one of the members of the conspiracy.

If these standards are met, then there is clear evidence for the commission of conspiracy. The law around conspiracy has many facets. For example, Wharton's rule states that if a crime requires two persons to be committed then it is not considered as a conspiracy. Also, there is a separate crime known as being an accomplice where there is no agreement between the parties involved, but aid is given by one of the party members either before or after commission of the crime.

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Because of the many intricate factors in conspiracy cases, those who are accused of conspiracy should immediately seek the help of an attorney who has special knowledge in this area of the law.

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