Hospital Negligence

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While most medical malpractice cases originate from the wrongdoing of a specific doctor or surgeon, requiring the case to be brought against them as an individual, some actually require the hospital itself to be held liable. Taking on a hospital likely means increased complications and going up against a team of attorneys on retainer to prevent big payouts to plaintiffs. If you want to take your hospital negligence claim seriously, you should contact Kyle Law Firm and our New Braunfels injury lawyers today.

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When a Hospital is Responsible

A hospital may be found responsible for patient injuries if the harm is caused directly by the negligence or unacceptable practices of a person employed by the hospital. Just like any other business, a hospital must provide oversight and ample management to control and train employees to avoid mistakes and hazards. Doctors are typically categorized as independent contractors and are not considered hospital employees. Nurses generally are employed by hospitals and follow set schedules, earn a salary, gain employment benefits, and so on. For this reason, hospital negligence cases are usually triggered by nurse negligence or the mistakes of another employee.

Some examples of hospital negligence include:

  • Nurse administers improper medicine
  • Janitor does not leave “wet floor sign” after cleaning
  • Clerk mixes up medical records, leading to wrong treatment
  • Orderlies do not sterilize examination rooms

A doctor’s mistake can lead to a hospital negligence claim if the hospital or medical institute should have reasonably known that the doctor would cause harm to patients. For example, if a doctor has a long history of prescribing the wrong medicines and you are later injured by them due to unsafe prescription drugs, you could sue the hospital for both allowing that doctor to practice there and for not checking those prescriptions.

Providing a Voice for the Injured

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