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A drug recall results when a pharmaceutical company or the Food and Drug Administration takes a drug or medication off the market. In all cases, experts determine that the drug is harmful. There may be a bad batch of the drug in stores or new side effects are uncovered. Even though all pharmaceutical drugs go through rigorous testing process, and have been approved by the FDA, there may still be unforeseen dangers.

When a person becomes injured by taking the drug, a victim or her family may seek the advice of an experienced New Braunfels drug litigation attorney at The Kyle Law Firm. We can review your claim to assess its merits and advise you on how you should proceed. We welcome clients all across San Marcos and Seguin

Drugs with known dangerous defects include:

  • Actos
  • Paxil
  • Avandia
  • Pradaxa
  • Xarelto
  • Darvon

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Drug Liability Cases

Drug liability cases are very complex. There are many variables and people involved from the time the drug is created to the time a person takes the drug and becomes injured as a result. If the person decides to sue, the lawsuit is a product liability case in which the plaintiff claims the drug was defective.

This could be the fault of the manufacturer of the drug or the supplier. Pharmaceutical companies have a legal obligation to warn people of the known side effects of a drug. But there could be rare side effects that only affect a few people that the pharmaceutical companies could not anticipate.

Darvon Recall

The FDA recalled the prescription painkiller medication Darvon due to reports of the drug causing heart problems in healthy patients. These cardiac problems include reduced heartbeat and abnormal heart rhythms, which could lead to death. New clinical testing of the drug shows the adverse effect on electrocardiograms with a normal dose of the drug. Millions of people took Darvon to relieve pain, and some suffered irreparable damage. If you were the victim of Darvon you have the right to a case and should contact The Kyle Law Firm today.

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Finding a lawyer is the first step if you want to sue for injuries sustained as a result of drug liability, including Darvon. At The Kyle Law Firm, we focus on helping the victims of drugs that were recalled. Our experience in product liability, especially drug liability, offers you the best possible chance of being justly compensated for lost wages or medical expenses. 

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