Hurt in a Truck Accident?

During 2006, the Bureau of Transportation reported more than 300,000 accidents involving trucks. Drivers and passengers in cars are at significant risk when more than 10,000 pounds is bearing down on them. Accidents involving semi-trucks, 18 wheelers, dump trucks, and construction vehicles always mean serious, and in some cases, fatal accidents.

Drivers and passengers in smaller vehicles have very little protection if they are involved in a semi-truck accident. The sheer weight difference makes a significant difference in sustained injuries, and there is often the added risk of being struck with flying debris. These risks can result in life-threatening injuries. When injuries occur, victims have a right to compensation. Victims will need a qualified personal injury attorney like those at The Kyle Law Firm to help with their case.

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Vehicle damage, personal injuries and time lost from work can add up to thousands of dollars.

Those who are involved in any type of truck accident should make sure to have on record:

  • Witness names
  • Driver names
  • Insurance records

As soon as possible, it is crucial that you contact a Kyle Law Firm personal injury attorney. One of our experienced New Braunfels truck injury attorneys will be there to make sure that you get the payment you are entitled to. With the help of a Kyle Law Firm personal injury lawyer, you can prevent a quick payoff by an insurer.

Even when your injuries seem minor, you should be seen by a physician as soon as possible after an accident. The visit and the tests the doctor runs will help prove your medical condition immediately after the accident. Many involved in truck accidents do not know the full extent of their injuries until a few days or as much as a week after the accident. One of our attorneys will want to make sure that your injuries are well documented in order to pursue your case.

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Before speaking with the insurance company, talk to us first in order to protect your rights. Insurance companies are in the business of paying claims in as timely a manner as possible with as little cost as possible. Matt Kyle of our firm is a board certified expert in personal injury law with deep experience in handling and litigating claims.

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