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Trucking accidents still occur despite safe car drivers

Most drivers here in Texas and elsewhere know not to be in the blind spot of a semitrailer, cut one off or attempt to pass one on the right in case the truck driver decides to make a turn. These are just some of the precautions that passenger car drivers take in order to avoid trucking accidents. However, all of these safe driving tips go out the window when a trucker fails to take the appropriate safety precautions.

Truck drivers ordinarily only make money when they deliver their loads. Their employers could place unreasonable scheduling requirements on them to get this done. These two factors alone could result in a driver taking unnecessary risks in order to reach a destination.

Alleged DUI-related crash caught on tape

Dashboard cameras in patrol cars are there to protect the officers as much as they are those who are pulled over by police. The footage from those cameras often ends up in court in both criminal and civil proceedings, depending on the circumstances. The videos can be compelling, but they may not tell the whole story. For instance, the "dash cam" of a Texas police officer shows an accident that ended in the arrest of a driver for DUI.

The officer had initiated a traffic stop. His dash cam was on and recording as he approached the vehicle. A second vehicle then slammed into his patrol car before hitting the officer and the car he pulled over. The camera shows the officer flying through the air.

Federal drug possession investigation leads to Texas arrests

Illegal drugs continue to be a law enforcement concern across the country. Charges can range from drug possession to possession with intent to sell and/or traffic in substances such as cocaine or meth. One recent investigation resulted in federal charges for 24 in Texas.

The joint narcotics investigation was a cooperative effort among the Texas Department of Public Safety, the Street Crimes Division of the San Antonio Police Department and the federal Drug Enforcement Administration. The individuals arrested were accused of participating in a large drug ring. Several of those arrested were also accused of being gang members. 

Penalties for Texas repeat DWI offenders

If a law enforcement official charges you with driving while under the influence in Texas, you can expect the severity of your punishment to vary based on several factors. Your age, whether you had children in your car and whether you have ever received a similar charge in the past may impact how much you must pay, how much time you may have to serve and so on.

If your blood alcohol concentration is 0.08 percent or higher, you will likely face a Driving While Intoxicated charge. Please note, however, that you can still receive such a charge even if you do not blow above the legal limit if you show other signs of intoxication. Even first-time offenders in Texas may have to serve somewhere between three and 180 days behind bars, and they also typically must pay up to $2,000 in fines. If you are a first-time offender, you may also lose your driving privileges for up to a year, and you can also expect to pay as much as several thousand each year for up to three years to get your license back. As you might expect, the penalties increase, should you face another DWI charge within the same five-year period.

Woman accused of DUI headed for court, a year after accident

When two cars collide, the exact cause of the accident is not always known. In some Texas collisions, one or more people wind up facing criminal charges, such as those suspected of DUI. That's what happened to one woman, who is preparing now for a trial set to begin, one year after the accident in which she was involved.

There were several others involved in the crash as well. Another woman, who happened to be pregnant at the time, and her husband were traveling together when the accident occurred. The young woman charged with DUI was just about to begin her senior year at a Texas university.

How Social Media Activity Can Hurt A DUI Case

Some New Braunfels college students who drink and drive like to make light of their situations, especially if law enforcement catches them; it is, in fact, a way to cope with getting into trouble. Unfortunately, many of them turn to Facebook, Instagram and other outlets that can create even more problems.

Many people feel a false sense of security when it comes to social media. They make posts and share pictures and videos about their actions online, not knowing that anything they share can become evidence against them. DUIs may seem like they are glamorous and easy charges to beat on television; in real life, they are not.

Romance internet crimes can cause heartache in Texas

Everyone needs love. This is a truism for all people in Texas and elsewhere. In most cases, love is a positive thing that changes lives and makes many people happy. However, there are some who see people's need for love and acceptance to take advantage and commit crimes such as internet crimes. This, one report says, is a whole new class of crimes that is growing. 

In one example, a Texas woman who is now the victim of internet crimes reports that she "met" a man online. After chatting with him for some time, he began to ask the woman for money for small things. Eventually, the small amounts escalated, and she reports that she gave her "lover" more than $300,000 online without ever meeting him in person. 

Emergency procedures limit the damage from spinal cord injuries

The crunching of metal, the smell of antifreeze and the chaos of those first moments after a Texas car accident can be terrifying. Then the pain, or lack thereof, becomes palpable. Auto accidents can be frightening and disorienting, but spinal cord injuries can strike a fear in anyone that may be like no other. The thought of not being able to move or feel again is something few people wish to contemplate.

The first thing that emergency medical personnel at the scene and the hospital will do is attempt to stabilize you in order to prevent any further damage to your spine and spinal cord. Your blood pressure and breathing will also require attention. The goal is to keep you as stable as possible for the trip to the hospital where you can receive the appropriate care.

3 common long-term effects of traumatic brain injury

If you have a traumatic brain injury, also known as TBI, you might be wondering about the long-term effects it will have on your life. You are likely recovering from the initial injury and noticing how your life is being affected. While the outcome of each TBI is different, there is some important information available that you should know about.

For example, a recent study found that TBI often has long-term effects on cognitive functions, behaviors and perception abilities. Keep reading to learn more about the potential long-term effects of your TBI.

Texas drug possession can come from K-2

Many readers in Texas may have never heard of the drug "Kush" or "K-2," but they are common in the state. In fact, the marijuana-type drug is among the fastest growing narcotics in prisons and on the street. It is leading to many arrests for drug possession and other crimes.

According to a recent report, there were 950 arrests for items deemed contraband in prisons in Texas during the first half of this year. Of those, nearly a quarter were for K-2. This is on track to match the half of all such contraband found last year in Texas prisons. Many of these discoveries led to drug possession charges for inmates. In addition, many who sought to provide the inmates with the drugs faced criminal charges.

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