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Telltale signs of traumatic brain injuries

After being involved in some sort of accident in which you took a blow to the head, the injury could be worse than you think. When it comes to traumatic brain injuries, symptoms can vary widely and may not even appear until days after the incident. So, what should you look for after a head injury and when should you rush to the nearest Texas hospital?

Some of the symptoms you may recognize in yourself include a persistent headache, nausea or vomiting that does not go away no matter what you do. You could notice that you are slurring your words. You may also find that you are experiencing a loss in coordination, numbness or weakness. These signs indicate that your injury could be more severe than you first believed. You more than likely need immediate medical attention. 

How might a DWI affect my reputation and career?

When you are arrested on DWI charges, many things are likely running through your mind. You worry about being able to keep your driver's license and perhaps even your job. Longer term, you could be concerned your career will suffer.

The truth is you are right to worry a DWI conviction could negatively affect your reputation and career. That is why stopping a charge from ever becoming a conviction is important.

2 men arrested on charges of drug possession in Texas

A father and son duo have been arrested after police officers said they found cash and drugs in their home, according to reports. Texas police in Montgomery County have charged a 61-year-old man and his 40-year-old son with drug possession. The report said the men were taken to a county jail, where it is believed they are still being held in advance of court proceedings. 

The police report indicates the men were arrested on Oct. 4 after police executed a search warrant for their residence. The search warrant came on the heels of several community complaints of drugs allegedly being sold out of the home. Police said they found what they believe to be a pound of marijuana, as well as codeine, Xanax and Viagra pills and some $5,400 in cash. 

18-year-old charged with drug possession, delivery

A man police believe to be the "main supplier" of methamphetamine to Medina County students has been arrested. The Texas man was allegedly found with drugs on his person, leading officers to arrest him. He stands charged with drug possession as well as manufacturing and delivering a controlled substance. No court date has been announced. 

According to the press release from the Medina County sheriff's office, police said they had learned of a major drug supplier operating in several neighborhood schools, though they did not specify in which district this was taking place. Police conducted an investigation of indeterminate scope, but came to the conclusion the 18-year-old suspect was that supplier. The press release also noted that the student code of conduct and local policies would be observed in case any students were to be found involved, as police said they expected to make more arrests. 

Truckers are guilty of distracted driving, too

The stereotype for distracted driving tends to be someone texting or trying to put on makeup behind the wheel. Yet these behaviors are only two of many ways in which drivers succumb to distractions, and guilty parties are not just young, inexperienced drivers. People of all ages and backgrounds can become distracted while operating a motor vehicle.

This is true even for those with professional driving jobs, such as truckers. Although they go through training and must follow industry regulations, long hours on the road make distractions even likelier and more tempting.

Texas woman charged with drug possession

A police bust has resulted in an arrest in Harris County where a 39-year-old woman is facing serious charges. Texas police arrested the woman following a search of her home that allegedly revealed the presence of drugs and paraphernalia. The woman now faces drug possession charges and possible jail time if she is found guilty. 

According to the police report, investigators searched the woman's house on Sept. 21, though it was not clarified whether they had received a warrant for this search. When they entered her residence in Bacliff, they say they found nearly 8 ounces of what they believe to be cocaine. They also found 35 grams of what appeared to be crack, several handguns and an assault rifle believed to be stolen, an allegedly stolen vehicle and just over $8,000 in cash. 

Police accuse driver of DUI in pedestrian death

A 50-year-old man lost his life in a pedestrian versus car accident. Regardless of the circumstances, that is a tragedy. However, that does not mean that the driver believed to be involved in the crash does not have the right to challenge the charges he may face in connection with the accident. Police suspect the man of DUI, and he was booked into the jail in the Texas county where the incident occurred on a charge of intoxicated manslaughter, along with other charges relating to drugs.

The accident occurred around midnight. A vehicle left its lanes, veered into oncoming traffic and then jumped the sidewalk. Unfortunately, the pedestrian had no time to get out of the way of the out-of-control vehicle and it struck him. The vehicle then veered back on the road and finally came to rest after hitting a bus stop.

How can I prove I sustained a brain injury in an accident?

If you were involved in a major car accident or wreck with a semi or 18-wheel tractor trailer in the New Braunfels area, you might be dealing with the lingering effects of a traumatic brain injury. Your medical bills are increasing, and the amount of stress and financial duress you and your loved ones are experiencing may seem so frustrating that you see no end or relief in sight. 

The nature of your injuries may entitle you to compensation from the parties responsible for your situation. Before you seek out legal counseling and file a personal injury claim, take a little time to learn how you can prove your brain injury is the result of your motor vehicle accident. 

Raid of Texas home results in drug possession and other charges

Police do not always know where an investigation will lead. For instance, the street crimes division of a police department in one Texas city and Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives agents obtained a search warrant on a home where a man suspected of murder lived. The execution of that warrant resulted in five people facing drug possession and other charges.

The warrant specifically named one of the five people -- a 31-year-old woman. It alleged that she was in possession of an unknown amount of methamphetamine. She was taken into custody, along with the other four individuals -- two men and two women -- who were also in the home at the time of the raid.

How traumatic brain injury can affect your life

For those who have sustained a traumatic brain injury in the course of a car crash, the long-term effects may never really go away. The consequences of TBI can detract from a person's earning capacity, physical function and enjoyment of life.

Understanding how TBI can continue to affect life is vital to properly evaluating a car accident case and fighting for fair compensation.

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