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What the Texas statutes say about probation

The legal team at the Kyle Law Firm in Texas understands that probation may be confusing for people who find themselves in the criminal justice system. According to the Texas statutes, if you qualify for community supervision, the court may defer criminal proceedings or suspend some or all of a sentence and place you in a program with conditions you must meet. 

After a risk and needs assessment, the judge will determine what the conditions of your community supervision will be. These must be reasonable, but the judge has considerable latitude. The goal of the terms may include the following:

  • Provide restoration or protection to the community
  • Provide restoration or protection to the victim
  • Provide rehabilitation or reformation to you
  • Punish you

How to identify the dangers of nighttime driving

When the sun sets in Texas, you may still be out running errands, traveling home from work or going out with friends. You face a greater risk of being killed or injured in a catastrophic car accident while driving at night. According to the National Safety Council, people are three times more likely to lose their lives in a car accident at night than they are during the day. It is crucial that you understand why these accidents are more likely to occur so that you can possibly avoid being involved in one.

A lack of natural light can make it more difficult for you to see while driving. Not only does the limited light source decrease your peripheral vision, but it can affect your depth perception as well. When turning into traffic, it may be harder to judge the distance and speed of an oncoming vehicle. Furthermore, you may be unable to see certain hazards, such as bicyclists, construction zones, animals, pedestrians or objects in the road.

A strong defense is necessary when facing identity theft charges

Identity theft is a type of white collar crime, and it can bring serious penalties for those convicted of this type of criminal activity. If you are facing identity theft or another type of internet crime, you understand there is a lot at stake and a strong defense is crucial.

White collar crimes are not violent, and it may seem like no one actually gets hurt because much of it takes place online. However, these charges are quite serious, and it is wise to start developing a strong defense strategy. Identity theft is a criminal act that involves using another person's information or access to private information for financial gain. In many cases, identity theft involves someone opening up credit accounts in another person's name.

How do truck accident lawyers get paid?

If you spend any time thinking about the Texas legal process, you have probably realized that the law is a profession. Attorneys must charge you for their services in most cases. 

It is simple enough to state that any lawyers would probably receive money for their services of advising you about an accident injury and representing your interests in negotiations, investigations and trials. Determining when and how your representatives would get paid is a bit more complicated.

Fatigue is a common problem for long-haul truck drivers

Did you know that experts recommend at least seven hours of sleep per night for adults? You may be thinking that you wouldn't know what to do with that much sleep. You might actually feel rested and not need that second cup of coffee in the morning.

These days, sleep almost seems like a luxury. Life moves at a fast pace, and there is always another task to be completed. If you find yourself yawning a bit more as you drive home after work, you can only imagine how tired the average long-haul truck driver may be in that big rig next to you.

Could participating in drug court help you avoid jail?

As a Texas resident facing a drug-related criminal charge, you may be fearful of having to potentially spend time in jail. While, for many drug offenders, jail time is an unavoidable reality, you may, depending on certain circumstances, be able to enroll in a drug court program instead of having to spend time behind bars.

Not everyone is a good candidate for drug courts, and they are not yet available in all geographic areas, but if you are facing a nonviolent drug-related criminal charge, participating in drug court may help you avoid jail. Drug court programs, per the National Institute of Justice, offer numerous benefits for drug addicts as well as their communities. The notion behind drug court programs is that they strike an important balance between holding criminal offenders accountable for their actions and giving them the resources they need to beat their addictions. Because drug addiction is frequently the root of criminal behavior, many believe that treating addiction will lead to a reduction in crime rates.

Injured child? Call 911 after a car accident

The idea of your child facing any type of medical emergency is undoubtedly frightening. You likely hope that in the moment you will stay calm and know exactly what to do, but that may not end up as the reality of the situation. Accidents can happen at any time, and you could understandably find yourself caught off guard.

Though you would certainly rather your child never suffer any type of serious injury, it can happen in an instant. In particular, you may find yourself involved in a serious car accident due to the actions of another driver, and your child could suffer considerably. In such a scenario, calling for emergency services is vital.

How common is substance abuse in the trucking industry?

Commercial trucks seem to be around every corner in Texas, but for some residents, sharing the roadway with these massive pieces of machinery can prove anxiety-inducing and dangerous. While many drivers find it difficult to see or make their way around semi-trucks simply due to their size, some truckers are also taking unnecessary risks while at work that make them even more likely to cause crashes.

Per the American Addiction Centers, today’s truckers face numerous risk factors that make them more likely to abuse drugs or alcohol, and it appears that many of them are doing exactly that. Sometimes, semi-truck drivers abuse substances because they are tired of spending long stretches by themselves, and they are seeking something to help fight the boredom. Other truckers turn to certain substances, such as methamphetamines, because they want to remain awake longer so they can complete a route or task faster.

Drugs don’t have to be illegal to get you a DUI

Texas residents often think about driving under the influence of alcohol or illicit substances when the topic of facing a DUI comes up. However, as we at the Kyle Law Firm understand, you can face charges even for driving after taking a legal medication. Any substance that compromises your ability to drive a vehicle safely may result in authorities giving you a DUI, and these can include prescription or over-the-counter drugs.

The Huffington Post details numerous medications that you should not take before driving. Some, such as blood pressure medication and other prescription drugs that treat serious medical conditions, might require an adjustment period before you can drive safely with them in your system. Others, like narcotic painkillers, antidepressants, antianxiety medication and antihistamines, usually have sedating effects and come with warning labels not to drive after taking them. Also, you may think you are safe to drive the morning after taking a sleep aid, but you could be drowsy for a few hours after waking. Drowsiness or dizziness are the most common side effects of many impairing medications, but people often fail to consider that coordination and reaction time can also be affected.

TBIs resulting from serious car accident affect the whole family

Do you have a loved one who received a serious injury in an accident? As a result, is he or she suffering from a traumatic brain injury that has totally changed who they are as a person? Is coping with this affecting you and your whole family? If so, you are not alone. Other Texas residents who have found themselves in similar situations likely feel the same way you do.

Traumatic brain injuries do tend to change people and not usually for the better. They may suffer physical and mental impairments to which it can be hard for their loved ones to adjust. No one wants to complain about the difficulties of taking care of a loved one with a TBI, but it is not an issue that can or should be ignored. Being a caregiver can take a toll on your life.

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