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Police accuse driver of DUI in pedestrian death

A 50-year-old man lost his life in a pedestrian versus car accident. Regardless of the circumstances, that is a tragedy. However, that does not mean that the driver believed to be involved in the crash does not have the right to challenge the charges he may face in connection with the accident. Police suspect the man of DUI, and he was booked into the jail in the Texas county where the incident occurred on a charge of intoxicated manslaughter, along with other charges relating to drugs.

The accident occurred around midnight. A vehicle left its lanes, veered into oncoming traffic and then jumped the sidewalk. Unfortunately, the pedestrian had no time to get out of the way of the out-of-control vehicle and it struck him. The vehicle then veered back on the road and finally came to rest after hitting a bus stop.

How can I prove I sustained a brain injury in an accident?

If you were involved in a major car accident or wreck with a semi or 18-wheel tractor trailer in the New Braunfels area, you might be dealing with the lingering effects of a traumatic brain injury. Your medical bills are increasing, and the amount of stress and financial duress you and your loved ones are experiencing may seem so frustrating that you see no end or relief in sight. 

The nature of your injuries may entitle you to compensation from the parties responsible for your situation. Before you seek out legal counseling and file a personal injury claim, take a little time to learn how you can prove your brain injury is the result of your motor vehicle accident. 

Raid of Texas home results in drug possession and other charges

Police do not always know where an investigation will lead. For instance, the street crimes division of a police department in one Texas city and Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives agents obtained a search warrant on a home where a man suspected of murder lived. The execution of that warrant resulted in five people facing drug possession and other charges.

The warrant specifically named one of the five people -- a 31-year-old woman. It alleged that she was in possession of an unknown amount of methamphetamine. She was taken into custody, along with the other four individuals -- two men and two women -- who were also in the home at the time of the raid.

How traumatic brain injury can affect your life

For those who have sustained a traumatic brain injury in the course of a car crash, the long-term effects may never really go away. The consequences of TBI can detract from a person's earning capacity, physical function and enjoyment of life.

Understanding how TBI can continue to affect life is vital to properly evaluating a car accident case and fighting for fair compensation.

DUI or DWI traffic stops don't always go well for drivers

The state of Texas takes it seriously when drivers get behind the wheel of their cars after drinking. Because of this, many of the state's law enforcement agencies make it a priority to initiate traffic stops regarding vehicles they believe may be driven by an impaired driver. Drivers always have the right to challenge DUI or DWI charges, but in some cases, they do not make it easy on themselves.

For instance, a man was recently pulled over for speeding in a 30 mph zone at approximately 2:20 a.m. The officer suspected the driver of being impaired. At some point during the traffic stop, the driver allegedly punched the officer and took off running.

Treatment is essential in spinal cord injuries

That pain in your back could be more than just an inconvenience. Did you know that the top two causes of spinal cord injuries are car crashes and falls, whether you are here in Texas or elsewhere? Left untreated, an injury to your spine could lead to lifelong consequences, including paralysis. It is always best to get checked out by a doctor even if you do not think the injury is serious because it could be without you knowing it.

Many people walk around after accidents only to discover that they suffered a serious spinal injury. The adrenalin rush that occurs after an accident may make you think that everything is okay since you aren't really feeling a lot of pain. When that wears off, you could discover that you are in more pain than you thought possible. 

What makes large trucks so dangerous

If driving near a big rig sets you on edge, you are not alone. Many Texas drivers feel wary of commercial trucks for several solid reasons.

Increasing your awareness of the special hazards trucks may present can help you drive safely and avoid accidents. However, even cautious drivers can sustain accidents through no fault of their own. If you become involved in a truck accident, you may benefit from getting assistance from an experienced attorney who can handle difficult cases.

Trucking accidents still occur despite safe car drivers

Most drivers here in Texas and elsewhere know not to be in the blind spot of a semitrailer, cut one off or attempt to pass one on the right in case the truck driver decides to make a turn. These are just some of the precautions that passenger car drivers take in order to avoid trucking accidents. However, all of these safe driving tips go out the window when a trucker fails to take the appropriate safety precautions.

Truck drivers ordinarily only make money when they deliver their loads. Their employers could place unreasonable scheduling requirements on them to get this done. These two factors alone could result in a driver taking unnecessary risks in order to reach a destination.

Alleged DUI-related crash caught on tape

Dashboard cameras in patrol cars are there to protect the officers as much as they are those who are pulled over by police. The footage from those cameras often ends up in court in both criminal and civil proceedings, depending on the circumstances. The videos can be compelling, but they may not tell the whole story. For instance, the "dash cam" of a Texas police officer shows an accident that ended in the arrest of a driver for DUI.

The officer had initiated a traffic stop. His dash cam was on and recording as he approached the vehicle. A second vehicle then slammed into his patrol car before hitting the officer and the car he pulled over. The camera shows the officer flying through the air.

Federal drug possession investigation leads to Texas arrests

Illegal drugs continue to be a law enforcement concern across the country. Charges can range from drug possession to possession with intent to sell and/or traffic in substances such as cocaine or meth. One recent investigation resulted in federal charges for 24 in Texas.

The joint narcotics investigation was a cooperative effort among the Texas Department of Public Safety, the Street Crimes Division of the San Antonio Police Department and the federal Drug Enforcement Administration. The individuals arrested were accused of participating in a large drug ring. Several of those arrested were also accused of being gang members. 

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