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Helping Your Teen After a Car Accident

Teenagers may be excited to drive, but they lack experience. This means that they get into accidents more frequently than drivers in older age groups. Unfortunately, because all drivers are at risk of harm when traveling, even teenagers who don’t make any mistakes may...

Safety tips for sharing the road with motorcycles

Motorcyclists face an incredible amount of danger on the road. When other drivers make mistakes, motorcyclists have very little protection. Some studies claim that an average of one individual dies in these accidents every single day in Texas. Many more suffer from...

What causes birth injuries?

Every year, approximately 28,000 infants in the U.S. are injured during birth. The majority of these incidents arise when a medical professional fails to properly evaluate or respond to complications during a woman’s delivery. While some birth injuries are...

How brain injuries affect people in Texas

One important study reveals that the risk of death following a traumatic brain injury is twice as high for people of color. If you have a family member who suffers from brain injuries, here are some important things to know. Brain injury death rates Oregon Health...