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Month: October 2012

Texas Theft Punishments

Theft occurs when you take something without the intention of returning it, or only agree to return an item once you've received something else that you're not legally entitled to.In Texas, the value of the property stolen is the primary determinant of what punishment...

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Fiona Apple Arrested for Possession

A couple of weeks ago, Fiona Apple's scheduled concert in Austin had to be cancelled. The reason? She had been arrested on drug charges in West Texas, at a Sierra Blanca Border Patrol checkpoint. This same checkpoint has gained attention for leading to the arrests of...

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Recalled Products: September 2012

You may never think about the danger to you and your family that defective productscause. Small children are particularly susceptible to problem products and hundreds are injured every year from toys or equipment that advertise being "child-safe." Every month,...

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