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Recalled Products: September 2012

| Oct 2, 2012 | Uncategorized |

You may never think about the danger to you and your family that defective productscause. Small children are particularly susceptible to problem products and hundreds are injured every year from toys or equipment that advertise being “child-safe.” Every month, numerous products sold across the country are recalled due to health and safety dangers. To help you stay aware, below we’ve listed the products recalled during the month of September.

Children’s Products

  • Cyclone Swing Seats (ADS Inc.) – The plastic swing seat can break and poses a falling hazard for children.
  • Range Rider Ride-On Toy Cars (Bluestem Brands) – The battery can overheat, melt and catch on fire.
  • Captain Cutlass Pirate Toy Gun (Dillon Importing Co.) – The paints used on the toy guns contain excessive levels of lead.
  • Children’s Water Bottles (H&M) – The water bottle’s spout can break off and pose a choking hazard for children.

Home and Garden Products

  • Wood Cleaner and Wood Brightener in container with spray pump (Cabot Stains) – The spray pump in both products can lose its seal, causing the product to leak. Chemicals in the products can cause burning and other serious injuries.
  • Wilson & Fisher Garden Swings (Big Lots) – The swing’s seat can break while in use. Big Lots has already received 14 complaints over the product, including four people who reported back pain after falling.
  • LEV II, Volant, and Rise Residential Elevators (ThyssenKrupp Access Manufacturing LLC) – The elevator’s door can unlock and open at a landing with no elevator present, exposing consumers to the elevator shaft.
  • Shorea Wooden Arc Hammock Stands (Hayneedle Inc.) – The layers of wood in the stand can separate and cause those using the hammock to fall.
  • Legrand Under Cabinet Power and Lightning four outlet power strip (Legrand Wiremold) – The electrical wires are reversed on the receptacles on the power strips. Consumers are at risk of electrical shock.
  • Window Blinds (Blind Xpress) – The cords present a risk to small children who can become entangled in the cords. In 2009, a two-year-old girl was strangled in the loop of one of the blind cords.

Office, Transportation & Tech Products

  • Cobalt Dive Computer (Atomic Aquatics) – The unit can leak and cause the lens of the computer to blow off, resulting in impact injuries and potential drowning.
  • Specialized Bicycles (Specialized Bicycle Components Inc.) – The front fork of certain 2008 and 2009 models can break, causing fall and injury hazards.
  • Golf cars and utility vehicles (Club Car LLC) – The fuel tank filler neck can crack and allow fuel to leak.
  • Realspace Soho Prestigio High-Back Leather Chair (Office Depot) – The seat back has the potential to break and can pose fall hazards to consumers.

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