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The Case of Katie Fisher and Progressive Insurance

| Oct 25, 2012 | Uncategorized |

Katie Fisher had just graduated from Johns Hopkins with two degrees when an underinsured driver ran a red light and killed her at a traffic intersection in Baltimore. Under her plan with Progressive Insurance, she should have been covered up to $100,000 for this type of accident.

However, Progressive refused to pay her claim and Fisher’s family eventually decided to sue the other driver. Once they arrived at court, they were surprised to find an attorney from Progressive Insurance there as well. Only he wasn’t sitting on their side of the courtroom.

Progressive apparently lent this lawyer to the defense in hopes of proving that Fisher had been at fault in the accident and thereby negating her family’s insurance claim. Much to the family’s relief, however, the jury awarded them $760,000 of which Progressive Insurance was ordered to pay $100,000.

That was just the beginning of Progressive’s troubles with the case though. While the case was still in court, Fisher’s brother Matt, a Brooklyn comedian, went home and composed a scathing blog titled “My Sister Paid Progressive Insurance to Defend Her Killer in Court.” The post went viral and Progressive’s twitter account was flooded with tens of thousands of negative tweets describing the company as ‘horrific’ ‘despicable’ and ‘evil.’

Progressive responded by claiming that they did not defend the other driver in court, as her brother Matt alleged, but acted fully within their contractual obligations. The family attorney agreed with Progressive to an extent but also said that “Progressive did everything in their power to show that their own insured did something wrong. They were fighting against the person who paid them premiums.”

Here at the Kyle Law Firm, we deal with insurance companies every day and have witnessed firsthand their reluctance to pay victims’ claims. We are saddened to hear about this case, but glad that it came out right for the family in the end.

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