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Amarillo Bans Cell Phones While Driving

| Nov 2, 2012 | Uncategorized |

This past month the city of Amarillo joined a number of other Texas cities in banning or severely restricting the use of cell phones while driving.

By a 4-1 vote, the Amarillo City Commission passed a ban on the use of all hand-held devices while driving. The use of hands-free devices will still be allowed.

A number of Texas cities have already taken steps to restrict the use of cell phones on the road. El Paso began enforcing a hand-held cellphone ban in 2010. Currently, Austin, San Antonio, Nacogdoches and Galveston all have bans on texting and driving.

The state forbids the use of hand-held phones and texting in school zones and any use of cell phones by drivers under 18 years old. Last year, Rick Perry vetoed a Legislature bill that would have banned texting while driving throughout the state, saying he didn’t want to micromanage the behavior of adults.

Enforcement has been one of the major problems facing cell phone restrictions nationwide. Police often have trouble determining when someone is texting or not and the problem is so widespread that the vast majority of violators don’t get caught.

While opponents of cell phone bans often contend that the laws overstep the government’s right to protect the safety of its citizens, everyone agrees that using a cell phone while driving is risky. In 2010 alone, there were 46 fatal accidents in Texas caused by cell phone usage.

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