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Which is Safer: Bicycling, Driving, Walking or Motorcycling?

| Feb 20, 2013 | Uncategorized |

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, in 2011 traffic fatalities fell to record lows. Of the millions of Americans driving every day, only 32,367 died in a traffic accident. That marks a 1.9 percent decrease from 2010, and a 26 percent decrease from the 43,510 people killed in 2005.

Of the fatalities, over 21,000 were riding in passenger vehicles at the time of the accident, 4,612 were on motorcycles, 4,432 were walking and 677 were on their bicycles.

So which mode of transportation is the safest?

Well that question isn’t easily answered because we don’t know how exactly how many miles were traveled in each of the categories. While passenger vehicles accounted for the majority of fatalities, they also traveled the most miles and transported the most people. And while motorcycle fatalities appear to be relatively infrequent, there aren’t as many motorcycle riders covering as many miles.

What is clear across all the data, however, is that the more precautions you take on our streets, the more likely you won’t get in a potentially tragic accident. Alcohol-impairment contributed to 31 percent of the fatal crashes on the road. And more than half of passenger vehicle occupants killed during the year weren’t wearing seatbelts.

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