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Dangerous Products Recalled in March

| Mar 28, 2013 | Uncategorized |

Nearing the end of March, we offer highlights of major product recalls this month. The products are divided between food and children’s products.

Children’s Products

The Imaginarium Activity Walker: Toys R Us is recalling this item due to a choking hazard. The recall involves a bolt and spacer that can be found in both front wheels of the walker, which is detachable and poses a risk to young children. Toys R Us will provide a full refund or store credit upon return.

BrightLight Blankets: IdeaVillage is recalling these blankets due to a burn hazard. Batteries placed into the battery compartment of the blanket can overheat and burn the user. Return the product immediately for a full refund and free replacement blanket without this defect.


Grippo Foods Potato Chips: These chips are being recalled due to the possible presence of metal fragments in the product. This includes all kinds of flavors ranging from bar-b-q to jalapeno. The fragments can cause cuts in your mouth and digestive tract if ingested.

Natura Pet Specialized Dry Pet Foods: Keep an eye out on what you feed your pets this month, as Natura Pet Products has recalled specific lots of its dry pet foods due to the risk of being contaminated with salmonella. This food also poses a risk to anyone handling the product.

If you or a loved one has been harmed by these or any other product not on this list, you deserve fair compensation. Contact theSan Marcosproduct liability attorneys at Kyle Law Firm today.