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Do Helmets Really Protect Me?

| Mar 21, 2013 | Uncategorized |

The short answer is yes, helmets significantly reduce your chances of abrain injury in an accident. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration confirms that motorcycle helmets are 67 percent effective in preventing brain injuries. Riding without a helmet makes you three times as likely to suffer a brain injury.

The U.S. General accountability office reviewed 46 studies and found that riders who wear helmets have a 73 percent lower fatality rate than those who chose not to wear helmets. Moreover, if you choose to wear a helmet, you reduce your chances of suffering a severe injury by as much as 85 percent.

In Texas anyone 20 or younger is required by law to wear a helmet while riding a motorcycle. This includes all low-power cycles, except scooters with engine displacement less than 40cc (cubic centimeters).

You may have heard that there’s been some recent controversy surrounding the topic of helmets. Most of the time these arguments don’t question the effectiveness of helmets in protecting you (which is undisputed), but ask whether or not mandatory helmet laws are effective state policies. The bottom line on helmets is that wearing one is the safest and smartest way to ride.

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