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Safe Driving Around Pedestrians

| Apr 11, 2013 | Uncategorized |

Knowing how to drive in a safe manner around pedestrians is tantamount for keeping others safe on the road. Particularly in the US, per mile traveled, a pedestrian is 36 times more likely to die than the driver that hits them. Nationally, a little over five percent of trips you will make are on foot. However, the traffic fatalities correlate far higher, as 13 percent of all traffic fatalities are pedestrians.

Defensive Driving: The scan and search approach, a characteristic of defensive driving, should be increased to include those along the road or sidewalks.

Clean Glass: Keep your windows and windshield clean. Improving your visibility makes both pedestrians and other motorists on the road easier to see.

Left -Hand Turns: A pedestrian is four times as likely to be hit by a motorist who is turning left rather than right. Exercise more caution than you normally would for a turn when taking a left on the road.

Speeding: Hitting someone at 10 mph can disable them for life. If you hit someone traveling 20 mph, the fatality rate is five percent. At 30 mph, the chance of surviving a collision is a bit better than 50 percent. However, a collision around 30 mph will have serious physical consequences on any pedestrian. Once you hit 40 mph, there is only a 15 percent chance of pedestrian survival. Your speed can determine the difference between life and death. Following speed limits and slowing down around pedestrians can make all the difference.

Pedestrian Presence: Slowdown in university and school zones and areas in which signs indicate a high pedestrian presence. Exercise greater speed control around children, especially those under eight. Studies have found children in the third grade and under make 90 percent of their crossing incorrectly. Around public schools, the highest pedestrian presence is during the morning and afternoon. If you cannot pass through earlier or later, then attempt to reduce your speed while going by.

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