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June 2013 Archives

3 Designated Driver Apps for Texans

Every 3 hours, 4 people in the United States will die from a drunken driving accident. About 40% of all Texas auto accident fatalities involvedrunk driving - this is a significantly higher percentage than the national average of about 31%. The truth is, many people know the dangers of drunken driving, but are hesitant to sacrifice the chances for a good night when they can't find a designated driver.

Texas DWI/DUI: What Do Police Officers Look For?

From missing taillights to speeding, law enforcement officers will look for any reason to legally pull over a driver so that they can further examine them for signs of impairment -check out our recent post explaining pretextual police DWI stops in Texas for more information on that. Today, we're bringing you lists of the very symptoms that police officers look for in deciding whether or not a person is probably intoxicated, both before and after pulling them over.

What Does "Contingency Fee Basis" Mean?

Like many others, our Texas-based personal injury law firm accepts all cases on a contingency fee basis. If you have a personal injury case, what does this means for you? At the most basic level, it means that The Kyle Law Firm never charges you until after our personal injury attorneys win your case for you. However, at The Kyle Law Firm, we believe there's more to it than that.

Exactly What is Personal Injury Law?

Personal injury law has a special place in the American justice system: it holds negligent people responsible, and it helps victims win justice and pay off the medical bills and other expenses that they may owe. If you've ever been injured because of somebody else, chances are, personal injury law could have done something about it. But what is personal injury law? What exactly is a personal injury case?

AAA Study on Hands-Free Distracted Driving

Hands-free devices aren't yet as widespread in Texas as they are in states with calling-while-driving bans. However, they are slowly but surely creeping onto our roadways. Today's best and greatest car companies regularly show off groundbreaking, hands-free technologies that allow drivers to make calls, check Twitter and use Facebook without ever taking their hands off of the wheel. For an example of voice-activated email, just check out this hilarious 30-second ad for the 2012 BMW 3 Series. The bad news is, according to a recent study by AAA's Foundation for Traffic Safety, "hands-free does not mean risk-free."

The Top 10 Causes of Fatal Distracted Driving

According to a recent analysis by a major car insurance company, more than 10 percent of fatal car crash deaths since 2010 involved distracted driving. Erie Insurance Group worked with the Insurance Institute to analyze nationwide police report data and discover a disturbing pattern: Out of the 65,000 people who were killed in car accidents, a huge number were the victims of distracted driving.

Avoiding Pretextual DUI Police Stops in Texas

In U.S. law, a pretext is the weak motive used to justify an action that is actually strongly motivated by something else. For example, in wrongful termination cases, a former employee may try to argue that the reason given to terminate him was only a pretext used by a prejudiced employer who disliked him anyway. Proving that the reasons for an action were "pretextual" is very difficult, and when it comes to the conduct of police officers out on the Texas roads, the law doesn't really care what the officers' subjective motivation may be for their conducts. Below is an explanation of what this means for you and how you can avoid a pretextual stop.

What Does "Assumption of Risk" Mean?

The assumption of risk is a legal doctrine that is often used by defendants in personal injury cases. The assumption of risk basically states that, under certain circumstances, a person has assumed certain risks and is therefore unable to sue the defendant for the damages that occur when those risks are realized. In other words, the assumption of risk is that another person cannot be liable for your injuries if you knowingly and voluntarily undertake a risk. This means that the defendant can argue that you were actually the negligent party in your personal injury case.

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