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3 Designated Driver Apps for Texans

| Jun 27, 2013 | Uncategorized |

Every 3 hours, 4 people in the United States will die from a drunken driving accident. About 40% of all Texas auto accident fatalities involvedrunk driving – this is a significantly higher percentage than the national average of about 31%. The truth is, many people know the dangers of drunken driving, but are hesitant to sacrifice the chances for a good night when they can’t find a designated driver.

Fortunately, many new services are emerging to connect sober drivers with those who need them. Many of the best apps are still limited to cities in the northeast, but here are 3 great options that can be used pretty much anywhere.


Sobrio is currently limited to iOS, but it has plans to expand to other mobile platforms. The app is aimed at college students and offers a cheaper, more trustworthy alternative to taxi services and other options. Before going out for the night, users can choose a Sobrio-approved driver from their school after entering some basic information such as pick-up and drop-off locations and the number of passengers. Designated drivers are thoroughly vetted by Sobrio and are paid automatically via credit or debit card.

I’m Wasted

I’m Wasted is a brilliant iPhone app that you only requires a single reliable friend or family member for the night. The beauty of this iOS-based app is that the user only has to save a single phone number before heading out. As the name suggests, the app is for the truly wasted – even if you have no idea where you are, you can press a single button and the app will use your phone’s GPS to send out a text with your location to the number you saved beforehand. The app, which is available completely for free, means that a designated driver is only a single red button away.


BeMyDD is probably the most highly developed service of its kind. BeMyDD now services over half the states in the country with a fully-functional website and mobile apps for every major mobile platform. BeMyDD solves the problem of those people who have to drive sober to an event and get stuck fretting about leaving their car there at the end of a drunken night – the service allows you to hire an approved personal driver who drives and parks your vehicle for you and then waits with your vehicle until you’re done enjoying the night away. BeMyDD offers you this peace of mind and helps saves lives all while operating at more affordable rates than traditional taxi or towing services.

Texas DWI Defense Attorney

There is no excuse for drinking and then getting behind the wheel. If you or somebody you know is charged with drunken driving in Texas, state prosecutors will try to win a life-ruining conviction from the courts. Think twice before driving and consider using one of the services listed above. However, if worse comes to the worst, you’ll need an experienced DWI defense lawyer by your side to win the best possible outcome possible in court. Contact The Kyle Law Firm today for a free consultation on any DWI-related case.