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Don’t Get Busted By a Fake Cop

| Aug 16, 2013 | Uncategorized |

A fake cop recently pulled over real state police officers in New Mexico. Here’s what gave him away.

John Shelton was wearing a t-shirt and jeans and had a pistol affixed to his right hip when he pulled over two undercover cops for speeding in an unmarked New Mexico State Police Ford truck. Shelton claimed to be an emergency medical tech and a fire fighter. At the time, the agents advised Shelton that he should not conduct unauthorized traffic stops before they rushed on to their official police business.

Coincidentally, Shelton later drove by the location the same officers had ended up at – by then they had learned that Shelton was an imposter. They flagged Shelton down and questioned him before arresting him for impersonating a law enforcement officer. You may want to learn more about the case or to contact the New Mexico State Police with any useful information. More importantly, remember to be vigilant during any supposed police encounter.

If you’re being pulled over, it’s okay for you to drive into a well-lit place where there will be witnesses. If the cop car looks old or in bad condition, or if it is missing identification decals, flashing lights, and sirens, it may be a fake cop car. If you feel suspicious, consider calling a 911 dispatcher to verify the officer’s identity. Never allow yourself to be coerced into giving information to or following orders from somebody claiming to be a cop on the Internet. Finally, if a supposed cop wants to enter your house, ask for a warrant and be extra careful.

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