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Sued: Texas Trooper Searches Women’s Privates

| Aug 16, 2013 | Uncategorized |

A trooper dashcam captured the shock of two women who endured a roadside cavity search for no good reason.

Sometime last year, Brandy Hamilton and Alexandria Randle were headed back to Houston from Surfside beach when a male trooper pulled them over for speeding. Trooper Nathaniel Turner claimed he smelled marijuana in the car and called in a female trooper to perform a cavity search on both women.

The male trooper reportedly found a small amount of marijuana in the car, but the women’s vaginas and rectums were probed anyway. In the video, Hamilton is still wearing her beach attire and is heard asking the officer if she can get dressed. The officer refuses and Hamilton is later heard asking the female trooper, “Do you know how violated I feel?” – watch the full video from KHOU.

As you may remember from our previous posts, police are required by the U.S. Constitution to have probable cause before they can perform a warrantless search. Cavity searches are the most intrusive types of searches, and a really high degree of probable cause is required to justify one against individuals who have not even been arrested.

Unsurprisingly, the women are suing for the obviously unconstitutional roadside body cavity search. Despite the fact the marijuana was allegedly found in Hamilton’s car, the Texas troopers in this story did not have probable cause to conduct a cavity search on the side of the highway – you can read more about this lawsuit on The Raw Story.

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