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Who Gets Protective Custody in Prison?

| Aug 14, 2013 | Uncategorized |

Sometimes solitary confinement is actually a good deal for convicts and people who have been arrested.

Protective custody in jail or prison is something that often makes headlines during high-profile criminal cases. However, the idea that protective custody is mostly for celebrities is actually a total myth. Protective custody is actually the system’s way of ensuring that a prisoner is not seriously injured or killed by other inmates.

It’s no secret that jails and prisons obviously have high levels of violence and threats of violence. The presence of this violence is the reason why protective custody is needed – protective custody houses a particular inmate or person separately from the rest of the facility. Celebrities like Lil Wayne and high-profile convicts like Ariel Castrotest the system and usually end up in protective custody.

Of course, protective custody can often mean being placed in the strictest imprisonment.Former Patriots tight-end Aaron Hernandez, for example, was recently confined to a parking spot sized cell with no air-condition or television for 21 hours a day. However, solitary confinement is probably a small price to pay for protection from other inmates who’d easily kill a famous prisoner simply to raise their own “street rep”.

Protective custody is not just reserved for celebrities and high-profile convicts – it can be granted to pretty much anybody who is at extra risk in jail. If you have questions about getting protective custody or relatedcriminal law topics like plea bargains, you can reach out to our highly experienced defense lawyers. Consultations with the Kyle Law Firm are completely free – contact us online to reserve a free consultation.