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Why Criminal Defense Lawyers Matter

| Aug 23, 2013 | Uncategorized |

Many Americans might wonder: How moral or necessary and useful is the criminal defense attorney’s work?

In any criminal prosecution in the United States, the defendant has the Constitutional right to be represented by a qualified criminal defense lawyer. Despite the fact that this is an irrevocable right secured in the Sixth Amendment to the United States Constitution, some Americans question the value of allowing the criminally accused their days in court.

For example, people may complain that defense lawyers get defendants acquitted on “technicalities” or that they enable “real criminals” to remain at-large and evade rightful conviction. This could not be further from the truth. American criminal defense attorneys are agents of the U.S. Constitution who fulfill the important duty of preventing the government from unfairly depriving defendants of their lives, liberties, and properties.

The American criminal justice system is not designed to simply seek the truth and serve moralistic judgment – the justice system preserves the rights of the criminally accused by methodically testing evidence. A competent defense lawyer is less concerned with whether the client did the crime and more interested in whether the government can prove the client did the crime.

If a criminal defense attorney successfully challenges the prosecution’s proof and evidence, then the client may retain his or her life, liberty, and property. However, when the government succeeds in proving all the elements of the crime, then the defendant may end up behind bars or worse.

Obviously, crimes must be prevented and the perpetrators should be rehabilitated or punished. The criminal justice system exists to ensure that criminals are punished, but it must also ensure that punishment is only handed down fairly and consistently. When defense lawyers test and challenge the prosecutor’s evidence against defendants, they help ensure that each defendant has an equal shot at retaining the rights that a conviction would confiscate.

Lady Justice is depicted wearing a blindfold precisely because justice should be dealt out objectively – experienced defense lawyers expertly navigate criminal law to promote objectivity. Criminal defense attorneys ensure that the government restricts the criminally accused person’s rights if and only if the government can prove, beyond a reasonable doubt, that the person committed the crime that he or she had been accused of committing.

Hopefully, most people will never need the help of a criminal defense lawyer, but if you or somebody you care about is ever charged with a crime, you’ll have the Constitutional right to get help from people who expertly understand criminal law. At The Kyle Law Firm, our highly experienced criminal defense lawyers can successfully fight to protect your rights and freedom.

Our criminal defense attorneys can either prevent your criminal conviction or at least ensure that you are not overcharged and overly punished. You can contact The Kyle Law Firm anytime you need for a completely free consultation with our expert criminal defense lawyers.