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How Does an Alibi Work

| Oct 8, 2013 | Uncategorized |

If you are being charged for a crime that you didn’t commit, an alibi could provide the evidence that you didn’t have anything to do with the committed crime. We’re not talking about made up alibis here of course. If you didn’t commit the crime that you’re being charged for, there’s a good chance that someone can truthfully provide you an alibi. Let’s have a look at some of the intricacies involved with using an alibi defense. 

You Don’t Have to Testify to Use an Alibi defense

Using an alibi defense doesn’t mean that you (being the defendant) have to testify in court. You can still use your right to remain silent if you and your lawyer believe this is better for your case while having a witness support your alibi in court.

You Don’t Need to Prove the Truthfulness of Your Alibi

To use an alibi defense you don’t need to be able to provide rock solid evidence that your alibi is true. If this is possible you should do this of course, though if it’s not, you can still use the alibi. It is up to the prosecution to provide the evidence to prove your guilt.

You Must Inform the Prosecution That You Will Use Alibi Evidence

Most states have laws that state that you need to inform the prosecution if you plan to use alibi evidence to defend your case in court. This way the prosecution has the time to investigate your alibi. If new alibi witnesses will be added to the defense this should also be communicated to the prosecution when this becomes known.

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