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How to Deal With Police Officers That Abuse Their Power

| Oct 11, 2013 | Uncategorized |

While law enforcement is there to help you, truth of the matter is that sometimes police offers abuse their power to get you to make incriminating statements, or let them search your car or home. In order to deal with such situations, you need to know what your basic rights as a citizen are and how to make sure that they are not violated when you are dealing with police officers. 

Keep it Cool

No matter how much an officer tries to verbally provoke you to get you to start acting defensively, never give in to this. Always stay calm and polite.
Try not to say much at all. That way you can’t say anything that can be used against you.

Refuse Searches

The police cannot just demand to do a search of your home or car. You are always entitled to refuse a search if the officers don’t have a warrant. If they believe that your car holds evidence of a crime, they can still perform a search without your consent however.

Don’t Resist Arrest

Even if it is unwarranted, don’t resist if you get arrested, because this will only make matters worse. Stay calm and tell the officers that you wish to remain silent and would like to call a lawyer.

Report Misconduct

If you believe that you were a victim of police misconduct, you need to report this. Make sure that your write everything that happened down as soon as possible after the fact. Include as much detail as possible, and when quoting someone, try to use the exact words that were said. If there were any witnesses, make sure to get their contact information.

Contact a Lawyer

If you were wrongfully arrested, you definitely need to contact a lawyer. If not, it is still advisable to get in touch with a lawyer if you believe that your rights were violated. Police misconduct cases are complicated and difficult to prove, which is why you need a skilled attorney that has the necessary experience.

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