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November 2013 Archives

Five Weird Texas Laws That Will Make Your Day

The law doesn't always have to pertain serious matters. Sometimes law makers just want to have a good laugh, which is when they make up crazy laws. While it might not happen exactly like this, you'd wonder though where some of the below listed laws came from. Let's have a look at some of the strangest laws that are still in effect today in Texas:

Common Work Injuries in the Office

Desk jobs are commonly regarded as very safe compared to most blue-collar jobs. Accidents do however also occur in an office setting. Getting hurt on the job can have significant consequences, such as medical costs, loss of wages and potentially costs related to anxiety or other mental health issues that were sustained as a result of the accident. Below are some of the most common accidents that occur in the office.

Avoiding a Car Crash: How to Maintain a Safe Following Distance

Tailgating other cars is a very dangerous habit that could get you and other drivers into a car crash. Such a car crash can not only cause injuries to yourself and/or other involved people, in Texas if you rear-end a car, you will almost certainly be held responsible for the accident for not keeping a safe distance and speed with regards to other vehicles. Maintaining a safe distance and speed is not always that easy though, especially in bad weather conditions. Here are a few tips to keep in mind that can help you avoid getting into an accident.

Five Tips for Hiring a Criminal Defense Lawyer

Hiring a criminal defense lawyer is something you hope you will never have to do. If you are facing criminal charges however, you'll need a good criminal defense lawyer who will go the extra mile to defend your rights and keep you out of jail. Since hiring a criminal defense lawyer is not something you do every day, it's difficult to know what to look for when searching for one. That's why we've listed a few tips below to help you choose a good criminal defense lawyer.

Legal Tips for Your Texas Bicycle commute

Commuting to work or school/university by bicycle is becoming more popular in the US. Bicycles provide a great way of transportation for covering shorter distances. They're cheap to purchase and don't need expensive gas, they're environmentally friendly, help you avoid traffic jams, and keep you fit. Many bicycle commuters don't really know about the traffic laws regarding biking though.

Tips for Driving in Winter Conditions

Winter is coming, and that means possible ice and snow on the roads. These road conditions can be dangerous, especially if you are unfamiliar with how to drive in them. Here are some tips to keep in mind when driving on ice or snow and some ways to prepare for the winter season.

What to do if You Are a Victim of Domestic Violence

Domestic violence happens more often than people think. Statistics regarding domestic violence show how widespread the problem is. If you are a victim of domestic violence, it is crucial that you act immediately. While standing up to your abuser is not easy, not seeking help is the worst thing that you can do. There are a number of channels available through which you can seek the necessary help.

What Are Drug Courts and How do They Work?

In recent decades more and more alternative sentences have been established to help minor offenders rehabilitate without having to go to prison. Drug courts offer alternative sentencing for drug abusers. While they only used to be an option for first time offenders, under certain circumstances reoffenders now can be admitted as well.

Dallas County Still Counts Significant Number of Uninsured Drivers

While the number has greatly dropped in recent years, still a significant amount of drivers registered in Texas are driving around without the minimum insurance coverage that is mandatory by Texas law. In Dallas County, almost 1 out of 6 motorists is not insured. These numbers are down a lot since two years ago (due to a database cleanup and a government program implemented 4 years ago called "TexasSure"), but they're still alarmingly high.

Bicycle Accident Prevention Starts With Car Drivers

It's a sad story that you read about all too often; another bicyclist is struck and injured, sometimes even killed, by a motor vehicle. While it is understandable that accidents happen, it is often seen that drivers behind the wheel become too casual and negligent of sharing the road with their two-wheeled friends. It is important for motor vehicle operators to take the right precautions when commuting so that everyone can be safe on the road.

Why You Should Write Down Everything After Your Car Accident

Being involved in a car accident can be a shocking experience. You might be confused and disoriented, which makes it hard to remember what exactly just happened. Everything that happened just before and at the time of your accident is important for determining who was at fault, so you need to try to remember as many details as possible. To help with this, it is a good idea to take notes of every single detail. Injuries permitting, try to write down as much detail as soon as you can. It's not just important to takes notes about how the accident happened, but also about your injuries and anything else that you notice in the days and weeks after the accident. You should write down everything you can regarding the following:

Winter Danger for Motorcyclists, How to Avoid Accidents

Winter is here and if you plan on any motorcycle trips over the holidays, you should make sure to be prepared for treacherous road conditions. Riding a motorcycle always involves a higher risk than driving a car, but this is especially true during winter time. Frozen roads, rain, hail, sleet, snow storms, etc. can all cause very dangerous driving circumstances. To stay safe on the road during winter take note of the following precautions that you should take.

Three Tips to Keep Your Home Safe and Prevent a Premises Liability Claim

Premises liability concerns a property owner's responsibility when an injury occurs on their property. As a homeowner you can be held responsible for injuries that happen on your property. Premises liability claims can be very costly and involve lengthy legal procedures. According to the law, you need to maintain a reasonably safe environment on your property. In order to prevent injuries that you could be held responsible for from occurring at your home you should follow the tips that are discussed below.

What Determines How Much Your Personal Injury Case is Worth

Personal injury can bring about substantial costs such as treatment and rehabilitation costs, the cost of the loss of income, the cost related to mental health issues that might have arisen from the injury, etc. When filing a case to seek compensation for a personal injury, you are likely interested to know how much your case might be worth. This is not an easy question and the answer depends on a number of variables. In this article we take a look at the most important variables that determine how much your personal injury case is worth.

Car Accidents: Can You be Held Responsible if Someone Else Was Driving Your Vehicle?

Car accident cases generally revolve around the drivers of the involved vehicles. Most of the investigation into the accident will be done to figure out if any of the involved drivers acted negligently and if this caused the accident. In rarer cases however, someone who wasn't driving can also be faulted for the accident. Even someone who wasn't even present in the car can be assigned fault.

Safety Tips for Driving in Fog

Around the holiday period many people hit the road to go see family living far away, or go on a family holiday. People often leave early in the morning to avoid traffic and arrive at their destination early. Early morning fog can make driving in the morning more dangerous however. Each year many car accidents happen because of foggy conditions that hamper sight. To keep you safe on the road we've gathered a few safety tips for driving in fog.

How Posting Bail Works

Getting arrested and charged with a crime is a very scary experience. You generally feel pretty helpless and the only thing you really want is to get out of jail as soon as possible. If the charges are not dropped immediately, the fastest way to get out of jail is usually by posting bail. This means giving cash, a bond or property to a court to help guarantee that you will show up in court if you've been released from jail. In case you don't, the bail will be kept and a warrant for your arrest issued.

How to Avoid Pedestrian Accidents

As the fall weather arrives, you might be taking advantage of the cooler weather and walking around the streets of Austin. But be careful as you walk and enjoy the fall scenery, because the Texas Department of Transportation states that 5,000 pedestrians were hit last year resulting in nearly 3,000 serious injuries and 481 deaths. To help protect you and your loved ones, here are four tips on how to avoidpedestrian accidents.

What to do if You Get into a Boating Accident

While recreational boating is generally a very safe hobby, accidents do occasionally happen. If you are going boating, it's important that you learn about boating safety, and know how to use any equipment that you need. If you also make sure to always use your common sense, don't go boating when you're intoxicated and are courteous to other boaters, you should be able to minimize your chances of getting into an accident.

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