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Car Accidents: Can You be Held Responsible if Someone Else Was Driving Your Vehicle?

| Nov 11, 2013 | Uncategorized |

Car accident cases generally revolve around the drivers of the involved vehicles. Most of the investigation into the accident will be done to figure out if any of the involved drivers acted negligently and if this caused the accident. In rarer cases however, someone who wasn’t driving can also be faulted for the accident. Even someone who wasn’t even present in the car can be assigned fault.

Let’s look at a few common cases in which this rare situation could occur.

Employee Car Accidents

If an employee causes a car accident while they’re on the job, and actually performing their job duties, as the employer you will held responsible for the accident. However, if an employee is driving a company vehicle outside of working hours and causes an accident, the accident will be the employee’s full responsibility.

Kids Driving the Family Car

Depending on the state that you live in, you can be held responsible for an accident caused by a child driving the family car. Throughout different states there are several laws and legal theories that support holding the vehicle owner responsible for their children’s negligence.

Letting Someone Else Drive Your Car

If you let someone drive your car who’s clearly incompetent or unfit to drive (for example a drunk driver, an underage driver, or an ill driver), you could be held responsible for an accident they cause. In this type of case we speak of “negligent entrustment.” It has to be proven that the accused was aware of the fact that the driver, who they lend the car to, was not competent to drive at that moment.

In certain states, you can always be held accountable for any accident that was caused with your car, even when the driver that you lent the car to was fully competent to drive.

Car accidents can have devastating consequences. If you’re involved in a car accident case, whether you were driving yourself or not, you should talk to an experienced attorney. The attorneys at The Kyle Law Firm can help answer your questions. Contact ustoday to set up a free consultation.