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How Posting Bail Works

| Nov 5, 2013 | Uncategorized |

Getting arrested and charged with a crime is a very scary experience. You generally feel pretty helpless and the only thing you really want is to get out of jail as soon as possible. If the charges are not dropped immediately, the fastest way to get out of jail is usually by posting bail. This means giving cash, a bond or property to a court to help guarantee that you will show up in court if you’ve been released from jail. In case you don’t, the bail will be kept and a warrant for your arrest issued.

How Much is Bail?

It’s the judge’s responsibility to set bail. However, because people often don’t want to wait to see a judge to get out of jail, almost all jails have predetermined bail amounts for specific crimes. To get out of jail, the predetermined bail amount for the crime a person has been charged with has to be paid. If an arrested person can’t afford the bail amount, they can ask the judge to lower it.

For certain crimes judges set the bail amount really high so a person charged with these crimes will more than likely not be able to post bail and thus can be kept in jail until the case is over.


Conditions of bail are usually set, which the arrested person must comply with once they are out of jail on bail. “Obeying all laws”, is a common condition. More specific conditions can be set depending on the type of crime that a person’s been charged with.

Getting Out Without Bail

In certain cases a defendant is released from jail without having to pay bail. They’re released “on their own recognizance” (O.R.), which means that they signed a promise stating that they will appear in court when they need to.

A defendant is more likely to be granted an O.R. release if they are pretty invested in their local community. Some factors that can help a defendant’s request are: having family in the local community, having a job in the area and not having a criminal record.

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