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Safety Tips for Driving in Fog

| Nov 8, 2013 | Uncategorized |

Around the holiday period many people hit the road to go see family living far away, or go on a family holiday. People often leave early in the morning to avoid traffic and arrive at their destination early. Early morning fog can make driving in the morning more dangerous however. Each year many car accidents happen because of foggy conditions that hamper sight. To keep you safe on the road we’ve gathered a few safety tips for driving in fog.

Avoid Driving in Foggy Conditions

While this is not always possible, try to avoid driving in foggy conditions. Check the weather forecast the day before you plan to leave and in case morning fog is forecasted, see if you can’t leave later. It’s better to be safe and arrive a bit later at your destination.

Turn On Low Beams or Fog Lights

Use your fog lights if you have them and the fog is very thick. Otherwise, turn on your low beams. Avoid using your high beams because their intense light can be reflected off the fog, which can decrease visibility.

Don’t Drive Too Fast

Avoid driving fast in fog. That way you’ll reduce the chances of being surprised by a car suddenly appearing in front of you. Of course it’s not safe to drive extremely slow either. Try to keep it at a sensible pace.

Keep Your Distance

Fog makes it more difficult to see what the car in front of you is doing. Your reaction time may be increased in foggy conditions, so keep enough distance from other cars so you have plenty of time to break when needed.

Pay Extra Attention to Road Lines and Reflectors

Road lines and reflectors can help you stay in your lane when visibility is bad and it’s hard to see the road.

Use Your Hearing

If visibility is really bad, you can open a window so you can hear if a car is approaching.

If you are on the road in the coming weeks, we wish you safe travels. In case you’ve been involved in a car accident, you can contact The Kyle Law Firm for any questions regarding legal matters.