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Month: March 2014

The Insurance Formula Used For Claims

After being involved in an accident in which you were injured, you may have to deal with an insurance company to see how much compensation that you will get from them. Not everyone knows that there is a formula that these insurance companies use to determine how much...

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Domestic Assault in Texas

No two families are the same and each has a very different family dynamic. Some family dynamics do not work as well as other and there is friction or abuse between family members. Domestic violence is defined as an act committed by one family member or member of a...

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SXSW Crash Shakes Texas

One festival that the close city of Austin is known for is South by Southwest (SXSW). During this festival, thousands of people flood the streets of downtown Austin to attend events that are centered around interactive, music and film. Festival goers usually get to...

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How Revoked Probation Can Affect You

Probation is often given as an alternative to jail time, which most people aim for after committing a crime. Spending time in jail is unideal and probation is the Court's way of allowing a person a second chance and a chance to prove that they are trying to better...

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Slip and Fall Cases

If you have slipped or fell on someone else's property and have been unsuccessful in gaining compensation from them, it may be time for a lawsuit. However, when venturing into the lawsuit route, it is a good idea to receive legal counsel from an experienced attorney...

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