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Things to remember after a car accident

Understandably, not all of us may be in the right frame of mind after being involved in a car accident. However, arming ourselves with knowledge can do a great deal of help in the long run compared to when we do not have anything at all. Here are some pointers on what you need to remember if you are ever involved in an accident.

The Dos and Don'ts of Car Insurance Claims

If you ever find yourself involved in a vehicular accident, then it is essential that you keep in touch with your insurance company. This article discusses some do's and don'ts that you need to be mindful of when dealing when them to ensure that the transactions are seamless and quick.

Hiring Experience In Personal Injury Law

A personal injury case is a rather complex series of technicalities, paperwork and requirements that may all be overwhelming to handle without the help of a personal injury attorney. Considering the damages sustained and the emotional strain that personal injuries bring to us and our families, it is unlikely that we will be able to focus on filing the case, much less negotiating with the different parties involved.

Frequently-asked questions about Premises Liability

As an individual legally entering the property of another, he or she has a reasonable expectation of not getting injured within premises. Therefore, the owner of the property has a responsibility to maintain a safe environment for its occupants and visitors. This is known aspremises liability. As an example, a hotel visitor can sue the management if he or she slips and falls and is then injured, because the area is poorly-maintained when it should have been. However, if it was found that the visitor acted with unreasonable care (such as being intoxicated or running through a closed area), then the claim may not be valid.

Defending a Negligence Case

A defendant who wishes to successfully defend him or herself against a negligence case needs to be able to do negate one or more elements of the cause of action filed by the plaintiff. This involves the introduction of evidence that will show that the defendant did not owe any duty to the plaintiff, or that the defendant exercised reasonable care, or that the defendant did not cause the damages sustained by the plaintiff.

The Dangers of Drunk Driving

Even with all the laws, warnings, and programs being rolled out by different information bodies when it comes to the dangers of drunk driving, many still choose to ignore it and become mobile risks to everyone out in the road. In the country, vehicular accidents are the major cause of deaths for individuals under the age of 24. And among these deaths, almost half are caused by alcohol.

Getting through Alcoholism

If you have made the decision to get over alcoholism, then there is a myriad of help and support that is waiting for you. To start off, you can first consult your doctor to identify where you currently are, and to help you make an informed decision on what to do next.

5 Terrifying Truths about Flying

We fly for different reasons - to take a much needed vacation, to visit our relatives overseas as well as for business. Travelling via plane takes less time compared to boarding trains, ships and other means of transportation. It is easily the most convenient, and with the right skills, the most cost-efficient if you know when to book your flights. However, it also comes with risks - and although the chances of your plane crashing are not as high as the next vehicular accident, there are still things that make the frequent flyer feel terrified.

The Most Common Types of Construction Accidents

The construction industry poses a high risk of accidents for its employees as well as pedestrians passing by construction sites. In 2010, over 700 deaths were recorded as a result of construction accidents according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Furthermore, 4% of construction workers are involved in non-fatal accidents every year. 

Why do Car Accidents Occur?

Many would argue that a car accident is exactly that - an accident that was not supposed to happen. It is not intended, planned, or organized to occur, but did. However, there will always be an underlying factor which, if it wasn't present, then the accident would likely have not occurred. This article discusses some of the common reasons why accidents occur.

Dog Attacks On The Rise For Postal Workers

Man's best friend is often regarded as being loving and compassionate. However, it should never be forgotten that any animal has natural tendencies and can easily turn on even it's closest companions as a result of instinct. It is because of this that dog attacks happen so frequently and leave victim's seriously injured.

Theft, Burglary, and Robbery: What's The Difference?

People often use the terms theft, burglary, and robberyinterchangeably because most people believe they all have to do with taking someone else's property. However, each of these crimes is governed by its own provision and has its own set of possible penalties. Below is a more detailed look at each of these crimes and how they differ from one another.

The Basics of Texas Lemon Law

Each state has its own consumer protection law, or "lemon law" when it comes to motor vehicle defects. Texas lemon law provides those who are dealing with chronic malfunctioning cars with financial protection. Basically, if you buy a car that is flawed with problems covered under the warranty that can't be fixed, you are qualified to receive a full refund or a replacement vehicle. However, qualifying for these benefits is more complicated than it may seem.

Legal Issues of a Hit-and-Run Accident

A hit-and-run accident is the act of causing an accident and fleeing the scene, failing to stop and identify oneself afterward. This act is considered a crime in most jurisdictions. When you've been involved in an accident, it is your legal obligation to pull over and exchange insurance with the other person involved in the accident, and contact the police if needed.

The Dangers of Commercial Driver DUI

There are close to 500,000 truck accidentseach year in the US, 5,000 of those being fatal. Being involved in an accident with a semi truck, 18 wheeler, or construction vehicle can result in extreme injuries, especially if you're driving a smaller motor vehicle.

Common Injuries in the Field of Construction

If your biggest safety issue at work is spilling hot coffee all over you, consider yourself lucky. Those in the construction field are exposed to dangers that pose a threat to their safety almost every day. Data from a National Census of Fatal Occupational Injuries shows that construction laborers have one of the most dangerous jobs in the US.

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