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Month: May 2014

Defending a Negligence Case

A defendant who wishes to successfully defend him or herself against a negligence case needs to be able to do negate one or more elements of the cause of action filed by the plaintiff. This involves the introduction of evidence that will show that the defendant did...

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The Dangers of Drunk Driving

Even with all the laws, warnings, and programs being rolled out by different information bodies when it comes to the dangers of drunk driving, many still choose to ignore it and become mobile risks to everyone out in the road. In the country, vehicular accidents are...

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Getting through Alcoholism

If you have made the decision to get over alcoholism, then there is a myriad of help and support that is waiting for you. To start off, you can first consult your doctor to identify where you currently are, and to help you make an informed decision on what to do...

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5 Terrifying Truths about Flying

We fly for different reasons - to take a much needed vacation, to visit our relatives overseas as well as for business. Travelling via plane takes less time compared to boarding trains, ships and other means of transportation. It is easily the most convenient, and...

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Why do Car Accidents Occur?

Many would argue that a car accident is exactly that - an accident that was not supposed to happen. It is not intended, planned, or organized to occur, but did. However, there will always be an underlying factor which, if it wasn't present, then the accident would...

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