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5 Terrifying Truths about Flying

| May 21, 2014 | Uncategorized |

We fly for different reasons – to take a much needed vacation, to visit our relatives overseas as well as for business. Travelling via plane takes less time compared to boarding trains, ships and other means of transportation. It is easily the most convenient, and with the right skills, the most cost-efficient if you know when to book your flights. However, it also comes with risks – and although the chances of your plane crashing are not as high as the next vehicular accident, there are still things that make the frequent flyer feel terrified.

Truth #1: Be very alert during these 11 minutes

The first 3 minutes after takeoff and the last 8 before landing are known to be the times when 80% of crashes occur. It could be due to the increase and decrease in altitude, or to the intricate amount of control and attention that needs to be given by pilots as they maneuver the plane. Consider that the next time you fly and think of ignoring the attendants’ advice.

Truth #2: Your seat is probably filthy


Planes now fly at a much tighter schedule than before, leaving a small amount of time for proper cleaning of the seats, the seat pockets and the tray tables. Studies have found that 60% of tray tables are brimming with the super bug MRSA, while the blankets you snuggle with are only taken to the dry cleaners every 5 to 30 days. Those tissues stashed in the seat pockets could also leave behind residues of bacteria and viruses from the last batch of passengers.

Truth #3: Hope for the best if you aren’t seated within 5 rows from the exit

Statistics show that passengers who are far from the exit – about 5 rows far, have their chances of surviving an emergency greatly reduced. But preparation is still the key – as you board the plane, check out the nearest exit from you and count how far you are from it. In the event of an emergency evacuation and there might be smoke to reduce visibility, you can still find your way out.

Truth #4: Being frugal isn’t always for the best

If you are thinking of not buying a ticket for your child and have him or her sit on your lap instead, then think again. In the event of turbulence, especially a violent one – it is unlikely that your arms and hands will be enough to keep them secure in their place. You could be putting your child’s life as well as yours in grave danger in an effort to save.

Truth #5: Turbulence is becoming more and more violent

It’s not just you – according to scientists, the chances of encountering moderate to extreme turbulence has increased by 10-40% for transatlantic flights – and this is attributed to the increase of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. Chances are, it will continuously increase over the next few years.

Travelling by plane is supposed to be an enjoyable experience, even for first timers. However, unexpected circumstances occur and you might end up having to evacuate prematurely. If you or a loved one have been victims of aviation accidents that are known to be caused by the negligence of the airline company, please contact The Kyle Law Firm so we can discuss the best course for your case.