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Why do Car Accidents Occur?

| May 19, 2014 | Uncategorized |

Many would argue that a car accident is exactly that – an accident that was not supposed to happen. It is not intended, planned, or organized to occur, but did. However, there will always be an underlying factor which, if it wasn’t present, then the accident would likely have not occurred. This article discusses some of the common reasons why accidents occur.

1. Distracted driving

At the top of the list is the most common cause of car accidents – distracted drivers. You may be a well-intentioned, defensive driver who has never run through a red light. But one mistake is sometimes all it takes to be involved in a fatal crash. If your attention is divided between the road and something else – such as your phone, a sandwich, or even your pet – you greatly increase the risk of causing an accident.

2. Speeding


Driving at a speed that is over the limit is highly dangerous – because it lessens the chances of properly reacting to an immediate, emergency situation.

3. Drunk driving

Alcohol impairs your ability to drive appropriately – it affects your vision and depth of perception, as well as your sense of judgment and the ability to make adjustments in dangerous driving conditions.

4. Weather conditions

Rain and snow can be every driver’s enemy especially in extreme conditions. Water makes the roads slick and lessens the grip between the tires and the ground.

5. Car design defects

Most vehicles pass quality control and are tested to withstand different driving conditions. However, there may be defects that are only realized in emergency situations – and chances are, it is too late to react to it.

6. Unsafe lane changes

A driver who recklessly changes lanes without looking out for any incoming vehicles is also likely to cause an accident to occur.

7. Tailgating

Tailgating is another cause of car accidents because it gives the driver very little room in the event that the front vehicle abruptly stops.

8. Potholes

Unmarked potholes could end up bursting or blowing up tires if they are run over at a fast speed. As a result, the driver could lose control of the vehicle and end up being turned over, or hitting other vehicles and pedestrians.

9. Sharp curves

Sharp curves may also cause accidents, as they don’t give the driver enough visibility on any incoming vehicles. Furthermore, a driver who is unable to decrease his speed may end up in a very dangerous situation – the vehicle could tip over if a sharp, immediate turn is made.

10. Animals crossing

When driving in rural areas, it is not uncommon to come across animals crossing the street. Worse, there are wild animals that suddenly jump out of nowhere, startling drivers and causing them to abruptly swerve to avoid hitting the animal.

These are only 10 of the most common reasons why car accidents occur. In most of these items, you will see that there is a hint of negligence coming from the driver, or from the road authorities, which if they did their part, the accident could have been avoided.

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