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Month: June 2014

Types of Sentences

This article takes a look at the types of sentences being imposed in courts today: Concurrent, in which the sentence is simultaneously served as another sentence that is imposed at the same proceeding, or earlier Consecutive or cumulative, in which the defendant is...

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Defenses to a Criminal Case

Many defendants who find themselves in a criminal trial may admit that they committed the act, but for some reason, they should not be held responsible for doing such. Here are some of the possibilities in which this defense could work:"I did it, but I shouldn't be...

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‘Reasonable Suspicion’ and DUI

Police officers have the right to stop motorists if there is reasonable suspicion that the law is being violated. Such officer would have to shortly investigate the driver in question, and if there is still suspicion lingering afterwards, then the driver may be...

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Defenses to Theft

Theft is a general term that applies to several different crimes in which a person's property is taken without his or her permission. As such, there are two elements that make up theft: An act of taking someone else's property The intent of the 'taker' to deprive the...

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Battery and Assault Defenses

Depending on the circumstances, there is a wide variety of defense strategies for assault and battery cases. First, let us define these two types of charges: Assault is defined as the attempt to harm or injure another person, and in some cases can also involve the...

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In-flight Injuries: Aviation Accidents

Traveling by air is known to be relatively safer compared to traveling by land. However, in-flight injuries do occur as well. It could be a minor one - such as twisting one's ankle when walking towards the bathroom, or severe ones such as head and neck injuries during...

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