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10 Things You Should Always Have in your Car

| Jun 2, 2014 | Uncategorized |

Be it a holiday or a family affair, we all love a good trip. If you’re one of the millions who hit the road every now and then for leisure, there are things that you should always have in the car – you’ll never know when you’ll need them.

While most cars are filled with old receipts, take out containers and cups, pillows and discarded sweaters, there are only few that are well equipped in the event an emergency happens. There are many reasons that you could end up being stuck in your vehicle – or stranded in an area and your car is all that you have. Hence, you have to make sure that you have what you need inside the car.

Most of the items in this list are rather small and can fit in your compartment, or can be tucked underneath the seats.

Proof of your car insurance

Most states require drivers to carry insurance. In the event that you are checked and found without it, then you could potentially lose your driver’s license until such time that you can prove you are covered. To prevent this from happening, keep a copy in your glove compartment.

Your doctor’s contact details

In the event of an accident and you are injured, you can pass the information of your doctor to paramedics so that he or she can be contacted.

An accident checklist

Accidents happen at the least expected of places and circumstances, and can leave us confused without any idea of what to do next. Look up for accident dos and don’ts in the internet, and print out a copy so you won’t be lost if the unfortunate happens.


You’ll never know when you need the extra source of light. Even during the day, you can use a flashlight to look for things under the seats. Also, make sure to pack some spare batteries and secure them safely.

Car charger for your phone

If you end up in an emergency situation, you can always rely on your phone to call for help. Always ensure that you won’t run out of battery by keeping a charger handy.

Protection from the weather

Have a blanket ready if the weather is predicted to be very cold or a sunshade if it gets too hot.

First aid kit
Have a first-aid kit ready filled with bandages, antibacterial creams, and over the counter medication and remedies so you can address any minor injuries

Road signs

If you ever have to stop because of a flat tire, always have a road flare ready so you will be visible to other motorists.

Jumper cables

Most cars stall because of an empty battery. Other drivers won’t hesitate to help, but it’ll only work if you have a jumper cable ready. It’s not advisable to expect that the other drivers will have it, so be prepared.

Extra cash

You’ll never know when you’ll need additional money. To be safe, have an extra amount of cash hidden in your compartment to address any additional expenses – but don’t tuck too much, just enough to cover your tolls and other small expenses.

Road safety should always be a priority of every American. If you have been a victim of a negligent driver, resulting in injuries or even death of a loved one, the lawyers of The Kyle Law Firm will be here for you to help you file a personal injury case. Contact us today.