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5 Excuses for DUI that you should Never Use

| Jun 16, 2014 | Uncategorized |

If you have been pulled over by a police officer for a suspected DUI incident, never try to use any of these excuses:

‘I didn’t know that it was illegal’

Ignorance of the law is not a valid excuse and defense to any case. Don’t even try to play it innocent with the police officer, as they will not likely appreciate it and end up subjecting you to actual sobriety and blood alcohol tests. In one incident, a driver told the cops that he didn’t know cocaine was illegal, all the more driving while in it. Needless to say, the situation never worked out for his favor.

‘I was drinking with -insert actor’s name here-‘

No matter how much you name drop when you’re pulled over, the fact of the matter is that you gave the officer reasonable suspicion that you are breaking the law. Once, a driver told the officer that he had a few drinks with actor Denzel Washington. Even if he was polite while subtly trying to pull out of the mess he was in, the officer did not heed. Lesson learned: you might be able to use the superstar connection somewhere else – but not in a DUI case.

‘I was just buzzed’

Heed the numerous public service announcements – buzzed driving is still drunk driving. So long as your intoxication level exceeds what is legally allowed, that is all that matters.

‘I was just drowsy from my pain medication’

You can still be arrested for DUI even if prescription or over the counter medications were involved. A reasonable person would know the effects of the medications he or she is taking, which means that any drug that would impair the driver should not be taken if he or she is aware that he or she will be driving later on. Take note that impairing medications will not work for your defense case.

‘I’m the designated driver’

Studies have found that 1 of 3 designated drivers actually drink before driving. This is indeed an alarming statistic, which means that this excuse won’t work if you are pulled over because of your erratic driving.

What are the methods that police officers use to detect DUI and DWIoffenders?

Observing drivers on the road

If a police officer finds that a car is moving erratically – too fast or too slow, switching between lanes abruptly or immediately stopping, then they may ask the driver to pull over to do some investigation

Field sobriety tests

If the police officer’s suspicion does not go away after pulling the driver over, then the latter may be subject to several tests – such as walking on a straight line, a speech test, or asking the driver to stand on one leg

Blood Alcohol Level Test

If the driver fails the sobriety test, then he or she may be asked to take a blood alcohol level test, which will accurately measure the level of intoxication.

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