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Essential Questions for Parents before Sending their Children to Summer Camp

| Jun 5, 2014 | Uncategorized |

Undeniably, kids love going to summer camp – be it a day trip or an overnight one, they are excited over the activities and the chance to meet new friends. It gives children a feeling of independence and adventure, but sometimes leaves parents worrying for their health and safety. Therefore, to feel more confident and at peace while your child is away, here are some questions you can ask beforehand:

Are you ACA-accredited?

The ACA or the American Camp Association is responsible for evaluating the safety of the camp, as well as the standards of its operations.

How are camp staff screened?

Knowledge is power, and knowing the qualifications and backgrounds of the camp staff can shed light on what experience your child will be having. Also, it is good to know how the staff are being chosen – does the camp director thoroughly review their backgrounds to ensure that they are responsible and reliable?

What will be the children-to-staff ratio?

For day camp, there should be:

  • senior camp counselor for every six children under 6 years of age
  • senior camp counselor for every nine children between ages 6 and 7
  • senior camp counselor for every twelve children at ages 8 and above

Moreover, the camp should be able to disclose how the children are being supervised, especially on outdoor activities, and during nighttime.

What trainings did the staff undergo to ensure that my child is safe?

Camp staff should have the proper training to respond to different emergency situations such as fires and other calamities to ensure that the children are safe and secure. They must have gone through fire and emergency drills, and know how to administer first aid as the chances of injuries are rather high, given the rowdy nature of children. Also, camp staff should be trained to recognize signs and symptoms of discomfort in children, in case they are suffering from physical or emotional abuse in the camp.

How are camp visitors screened?

As a parent, it is important to know that unauthorized visitors will not be allowed to enter the camp site and have access to our children. Also, ensure that the camp always checks the attendance and dismissal from activities, to ensure that there is none missing at all times.

How does the camp respond to emergencies?

Parents are, and should feel entitled to ask about past situations where emergency response was needed, and how they were addressed by the camp officers. This may include children being missing, food poisoning, injuries, allergic reaction, and intense fights. Again, ask about their background on first aid and if they know how to administer CPR, and the medical facilities that they have on site.

How will my child be oriented to the camp?

You may want to ask about what will happen when the child is first taken to camp – he or she should be given a tour (along with the other attendees) and thoroughly informed about rules and regulations that should be observed at all times.

Our children’s lives mean the world to us, so it is only imperative that as parents, we expect the best care for them while they are out in camp. If you have concerns or are planning to file a personal injury lawsuit for child injuries, contact The Kyle Law Firm so we can help you build your case.