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What is a Pardon?

40 years ago today, President Gerald Ford used what is formally called a "pardon" to clear former President Richard Nixon for any crimes he may have committed during his time in office. A pardon is often sought from the higher levels of government for crimes and is spoken about on television and in movies. But what really is a pardon? And how could it have cleared Nixon from his crimes that seem obvious?

The Truth About Bad Faith Insurance Practices

Most people think of insurance fraud and picture those who misrepresent themselves to swindle money out of insurance companies, but sometimes it is the individual who is the victim of fraud. Insurance companies can engage in fraudulent activities by refusing coverage to an individual for conditions that should be covered, denying insurance claims, refusing to investigate claims made, and underpaying claims. Sometimes insurers are not prohibited to engage in these fraudulent activities, leaving the law open for you to fight the system to get what you deserve.

Should I Use "Dummy" Cameras? Legality and Safety Questions Answered

Many times when you walk into a large grocery store or chain department store you will see rows of security cameras, all of which seem to be pointed right at you. These security cameras are great to monitor potential thieves, as well as look for employee and customer misconduct. Some crimes are caught using simple security cameras inside the 7-11. But a new trend, "dummy" security cameras, is arising. Is this legal and is it a good idea?

How Does the Appeals Process Work?

State and federal trial court decisions are often subject to review by an appeals court, including the decisions regarding civil cases. The appeals court looks at the proceedings to determine any errors of law made. If they believe that an error was made during the judicial process, they may reverse the original decision. Each party is allowed to submit briefs to the court and is granted the chance to have an oral argument. Once the appeals court has made its decision, the opportunity for further appeals is limited. Appeals are rising in number causing the state and federal courts to rush to catch up.

The Statute of Limitations Explained

You've probably heard of the "statute of limitations" at some point in your life, but the term is probably a foggy memory. This statute actually refers to the collective rules regarding when criminal proceedings may be established, and a different statute exists for different types of criminal charges.

What Are the Rights of the Arrested?

More likely than not, you've watched a show like CSI, Law and Order, or NCIS. As you've watched you might have noticed that these shows focus mostly on the investigation or trial processes of the criminal system. However, there is little focus on the actual rights of those arrested. You've probably heard of Miranda Rights (look up the iconic scene of Channing Tatum attempting to recite them in 21 Jump Street if you haven't already seen the movie), but you likely don't know how a formal arrest process works. What does it really mean to be under arrest?

I Crashed the Company Car: Employer Liability

When you work in an office with a company car, the rules regarding accidents may get tricky. What if you were borrowing the car to perform an errand for work, such as picking up coffee or meeting a client? Is it still your fault? Or maybe you were meeting some friends for drinks after working overtime-you borrowed the company car and got hit. These situations get messy, especially when an employer is reluctant to take responsibility.

The Most Common Reasons behind Tractor Trailer Truck Accidents

When you take a look at the number of truck accidents happening in a year, it is easily a frightening statistic. Imagine the number of lives lost because of the various truck accidents happening worldwide. In addition to this, let us not forget the fact that there are times when these accidents do lead to serious injuries and invariably a lower quality of life for the victim.

A Better Understanding of Propane Gas Explosion Cases

Serious injuries would require the assistance of a skilled legal professional like lawyers. The lawyer that you should choose must have the determination and skills to achieve the best settlement and judgment for their clients. Construction accidents like burns andexplosions can certainly result to injuries and even death. Victims of such accidents can certainly find themselves suffering from various burdens that the injuries may bring. In addition to that, these people would also have to find money to finance their expensive medical bills. Aside from the effect this has on the emotions on the family, it can also cause some financial troubles, most especially if the person died from the accident.

Types of Road Defects That May Lead To Vehicular Accidents

Accidents on the road can happen at any time. It can come suddenly and unexpectedly. The worst part about it is the fact that it may result to serious injuries and in some unfortunate cases- death. Most people tend to associate highway accidents to the error of a driver. Leading causes of vehicular accidents include reckless driving, drunk driving, over-speeding and many more. The most overlooked cause of automobile accidents is road defect.

The Most Common Hazardous Substances in Construction Accidents

As the technology used in the construction industry begin to advance, so does does the number of hazards that lurk in the construction sites. If the construction site is considered a dangerous spot before, it is now made more dangerous with the addition of new hazards- chemical substances. It's as if the threat of asbestos, silica and lead is still not enough, the construction industry has to add the following chemicals into the mix:

Workplace Guidelines For Prevention of Slips and Falls Accidents

Slip and fall accident is considered to be one of the most common and popular workplace accident of all time. In almost all incidences of this type of accident, slips and trips usually take place because of the loss or lack of traction between the shoe and the surface that the person is working on. Another common cause would be they come into unexpected contact with an object in the ground.

Post- Slip and Fall Accident: What You Have To Do

Slip and fall accidents may seem harmless but there are actually a lot of people who have suffered a lifelong injury due to this very simple accident. If the fall was due to your own wrongdoing, then you have nothing to do but to be saddled with the injury. In the event that the fall was due to an error of another person or a business establishment, you can file a lawsuit in order to recover the money you have shelled out for the medical treatments, and hospitalization. In addition to that, your pain and suffering will also be compensated for.

Top Eight Causes of Construction Site Accidents

The nature of work and projects in the construction industry is notoriously dangerous. Year after year, documented cases of construction site accidents go up year after year. Accidents of this nature may lead not only to fatal injuries but death as well. A construction site is indeed a dangerous place to work in. Despite this simple fact, proper care and safety measures must be carried out in order to minimize the risk and reduce the cases of such accidents. To help you understand and prevent this type of personal injuryaccident, you must be aware of the top causes of such accident:

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