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Post- Slip and Fall Accident: What You Have To Do

| Aug 3, 2014 | Criminal Defense, Personal Injury |

Slip and fall accidents may seem harmless but there are actually a lot of people who have suffered a lifelong injury due to this very simple accident. If the fall was due to your own wrongdoing, then you have nothing to do but to be saddled with the injury. In the event that the fall was due to an error of another person or a business establishment, you can file a lawsuit in order to recover the money you have shelled out for the medical treatments, and hospitalization. In addition to that, your pain and suffering will also be compensated for.

Proving who is at fault can be done if you will take the right steps in the aftermath of theslip and fall accident. Here are some things that you should do following a slip and fall.

Right after the Accident

The things that you will do right after the accident will have an effect on the turnout of your claim and lawsuit. Here are some of the necessary steps that you should carry out:

  • Seek medical attention.

Slip and fall accidents may seem minor but it may lead to head trauma, internal injuries and broken bones. Seeking medical attention should be done for two reasons. For one, you can avoid further injuries. Secondly, you will be able to get a written diagnosis of of any injuries you might have incurred during the fall. You can use this document for your lawsuit or claims.

  • Evaluate the area where the accident took place.

Slip and fall accidents will not happen without any reason. It is best that you take a look at the area to see if there is a potential cause of your fall. It is also best that you write your own version of the accident.

  • Look for witnesses.

Get the names, addresses and contact numbers of the people who have seen your fall and even those people who have been there after the accident. In the event that no person has seen you fall, these people can still describe the conditions of the area which may have caused your fall.

  • Follow any established procedure.

If the accident took place in a business establishment, it is best that you notify the manager or the owner about your fall right away. Most establishments have procedure for filing such accident. It is best that you follow each and every step they would ask you to do.

  • Take snapshots.

It is best that you take pictures of the scene right after the accident so that you can capture how it looks before the conditions change. If you can’t do it yourself, you can ask a friend or a family member to do it for you. This will be a very valuable evidence for your lawsuit.

Some Time after The Accident

A little while after your accident, you will be approached by insurance adjusters or attorneys of the party responsible for your accident. When this happens, you should think about the fact that these people work for the other party so they will not be so concerned about your welfare. What you need to do is to communicate and seek help from a slip and fall attorney that can certainly help you claim the compensation that you are due.