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The Most Common Hazardous Substances in Construction Accidents

| Aug 6, 2014 | Criminal Defense, Personal Injury |

As the technology used in the construction industry begin to advance, so does does the number of hazards that lurk in the construction sites. If the construction site is considered a dangerous spot before, it is now made more dangerous with the addition of new hazards- chemical substances. It’s as if the threat of asbestos, silica and lead is still not enough, the construction industry has to add the following chemicals into the mix:

  • Zinc

This substance is popularly used in the creation of galvanized materials, brass as well as other alloys. This harmful substance can affect a worker’s health through inhalation during the cutting or welding of materials coated with this substance. Continuous exposure to this element may lead to metal fume fever,

  • Fluorides

Most of the fluxes employed in the welding process are coated with high amounts of fluoride compounds. This is why a lot of construction workers are at high risk of being exposed to this harmful substance. Exposure to this may lead to nose, throat and eye irritation. Continuous exposure may lead to severe health problems like pulmonary edema as well as bona damage.

  • Beryllium

Most base metals and copper employ this substance as its alloying element. Short-term exposure oftentimes lead to chemical pneumonia. On the other hand, exposure for prolonged period of time may lead to various symptoms: chronic cough, prominent weight loss, difficulty of breathing, fatigue and overall body weakness.

  • Iron Oxide

Metal elements play a great role in the construction industry. Iron oxide is the main alloying element used for steel elements. A lot of construction workers may inhale the iron fumes that is caused by the welding of the steel elements. The first symptoms that you will experience when too much exposure take place are: irritation in the lungs, throat as well as nasal passages.

  • Carbon Monoxide

this type of gas is usually produced when the combustion of different types of fuels has not yet been completed. During welding and cutting of metals, significant amounts of this type of gas can be produced. Aside from this, the use of carbon monoxide as an inert gas in various welding projects may lead to the formation of toxic concentrations of this gas. This is most common in construction areas with poor ventilation.

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These chemical affects the body through various routes. These may include ingestion, swallowing, absorption in the skin and inhalation. In the event that you or one of your family members has been injured due to one of these harmful substances which is caused by lack of proper training or inadequate safety warnings by the company, you can be able to get the compensation for all the financial and health troubles that the injury may have caused you. For legal cases and claims like these, it is highly recommended that you seek the help of a experienced and skilled personal injury attorney.