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Types of Road Defects That May Lead To Vehicular Accidents

| Aug 8, 2014 | Criminal Defense, Personal Injury |

Accidents on the road can happen at any time. It can come suddenly and unexpectedly. The worst part about it is the fact that it may result to serious injuries and in some unfortunate cases- death. Most people tend to associate highway accidents to the error of a driver. Leading causes of vehicular accidents include reckless driving, drunk driving, over-speeding and many more. The most overlooked cause of automobile accidents is road defect.

Many drivers will not place too much attention on the condition of the road while they are driving. What they fail to realize is that even a very minor defect on the road will lead to serious accidents. By understanding the seriousness of highway defects, drivers can be able to determine a dangerous situation even before they get into an accident.

The Various Type of Defects on The Road

A defect in the highway can add up to the risk of accidents in the road. Here are the most common types of highway defects today:

  • Uneven surfaces

This is the least noticeable defect of all so it can be quite difficult for a driver to spot this while they are on the road. When the surface of the road is uneven, the driver will find it difficult to steer the car. What’s worse is that it may even cause the car to veer off the highway completely.

  • Improper road signage

Construction and hazards are common in highways today. Without proper signage, drivers will not be given the right warning for any hazards they might encounter along the way. If the driver will not be warned about the upcoming road blockage, there is a big chance that he will be caught off guard and crash to the road hazards.

  • Potholes

These are the deadliest highway defects pf today. A pothole can have detrimental effects on the tires. When the tires hit the pothole, it can lead to busting of tires or bending of the axle. Both of these two incidents will lead to loss of control of the car. If the car is running at high speeds, it may lead to life-threatening accident.

  • Water puddles

Accumulation of water in the highway can make the car to hydroplane and eventually, crash. It is a must that highways are properly maintained in a way that no water will be left in the road.

Traveling at high speed is already dangerous on the road. When these defects are present, the risk can certainly be amplified.

Legal Options After The Accident

These road defects should not be left unaddressed for prolonged periods of time. A vehicular accident brought about by these defects on the road should be the responsibility of the municipality in charge of that area. If you have been a victim of these defects, it is best that you consult a personal injury attorney so that you can be able to determine what legal options you have.