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Workplace Guidelines For Prevention of Slips and Falls Accidents

| Aug 4, 2014 | Criminal Defense, Personal Injury |

Slip and fall accident is considered to be one of the most common and popular workplace accident of all time. In almost all incidences of this type of accident, slips and trips usually take place because of the loss or lack of traction between the shoe and the surface that the person is working on. Another common cause would be they come into unexpected contact with an object in the ground.

With the increasing number of slip and fall cases in the workplace, what can business owners and office managers do to help prevent cases like these from happening? Here are some guidelines that can help pave the way for a safer working environment for both employees and the management:

  • Establish Proper Housekeeping Practices

In the workplace, great housekeeping will play a big role in the safety of the employees. In the event that the housekeeping practices in the workplace is poor, there will be higher incidences of workplace accidents and injuries. Along with this is an increase in regulatory citations as well as insurance costs. A well-organized and clean working facility will reflect the effectivity of the safety program imposed in the workplace. In order to establish good housekeeping practices, planning ahead of time, assigning responsibilities to employees and implementing a safety program is highly recommended.

  • Reduce Number of Slippery or Wet Surfaces

The condition of the walking surface play a big role on the occurrence of workplace accidents. The most common types of surfaces where slip and falls usually take place include: sidewalks, parking lots, food preparation areas as well as office floors. A slippery floor is the most dangerous of all. To help reduce slippery or wet surfaces, spills must be cleaned up right away. In addition to that, moisture-absorbent mats should be placed in strategic office areas.

  • Remove Any Obstacles in the Hallways and Aisles

Slip and falls accidents may also lead to trips. This can be brought about by presence of any obstacles, materials, clutter and any other objects in the corridor, walkways, hallways and many more. With proper housekeeping practices, cleaning time can be imposed and instances of trips can be reduced.

  • Employ Proper Lighting

When the office has poor lighting, it may lead to increased cases of accidents and injuries. Aside from using proper lighting, maintenance of the lighting materials in the office and is also necessary.

In the Event of Slips and Falls

If the management in your workplace has failed to follow the guidelines given above and the neglect lead to your slip and fall accident which caused serious injury, there are some legal steps that you can take. Once proven guilty, the management will be responsible for shouldering all the fees that come with your hospitalization and the financial loss you have incurred due to inability to work. For a successful claim, you will need the help of apersonal injury lawyer.