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Do You Have a Case for Dog Bite Injuries?

Getting bitten by a dog can be a traumatic and painful experience, but sometimes dog bites are grounds for an injury lawsuit. Depending on the extent of any possible injuries and the circumstances of the bite, there are a lot of factors that go into determining whether an incident makes for a successful lawsuit. A good injury claim can be determined by answering the following questions:

Can Cops Search Your Cell Phone?

Often, when the police ask to search belongings you might feel pressure to say yes. After all, most people feel they don't have anything to hide and assume that they will be incriminated or arrested if the fail to comply with an officer's wishes. So if a police officer asks to search your cell phone, you need to know whether or not you can legally refuse. In general, even if a cop asks you outright, you are not obligated to actually show officers your phone or grant them access. Even arrestees are only required to have their cell phones searched if there is an emergency or the officers have a search warrant. However, officers may be able to gain access to your phone because:

Common Locations for Slip and Fall Accidents

Slip and falls are most commonly known to occur on slippery surfaces that have just been cleaned such as in grocery stores or restaurants. However, even privately owned resorts can be the premises upon which a serious injury occurs. If you know where the accident has occurred you are in good shape to file a claim and get a head start in the lawsuit process. This can help you determine what kind of damages to file for and which party you can sue. The liability policies are different for specific venues and might help you learn more about the claims process.

When Can You Sue for Punitive Damages?

You may have heard the phrase "punitive damages" before but don't know exactly what it means. In a personal injury case injuries are usually compensated according to their amount of damages, in what is known as compensatory or actual damages. But sometimes these are not the only damages available to a plaintiff, who might be able to receive exemplary damages. These punitive damages are available to punish the defendant and deter them from engaging in similar conduct. They are only awarded in civil cases but are similar to criminal penalties and serve as a punishment justified by the conduct and nature of the injuries. This usually reserved for cases beyond simple negligence and moves into conduct that was malicious, fraudulent, or otherwise more deserving of punishment.

Parents' Tip: Child Allergies and Legal Protections

Children are known for getting their hands on things they shouldn't-but the most dangerous of all could be nuts, fruits, and other foods that your child might be allergic to. For parents with children who have severe allergies, these dreaded foods can be the source of fear and apprehension when sending your child out into the world. Nut allergies, in particular, have been on the rise. A study published last year in the JAMA Pediatrics journal showed that the percentage of children suffering from peanut allergies in the US has triped since 1997 to 2010. These reactions can be fatal, even from simple exposure to trace amounts. What can you do as a parent to keep your child safe in the face of these allergens? Keep these legal tips in mind:

What to Bring to Your Injury Consultation

Filing a personal injury claim can be a stressful and confusing process, which is why the attorneys at Kyle Law Firm are here to help. Before coming in to meet with us for a consultation, however, have the basics ready to go. Showing up empty-handed makes it harder to create a solid case and know what we're working with. To make an accurate evaluation of your injury case, it is necessary to demonstrate why you are seeking compensation so we can determine the maximum to fight for. Some clients forget crucial hospital documentation or paperwork that are the grounds for making a case. Make sure to remember these types of documents when you show up for the first time.

How to Limit "Selfies" at Your Business

Most businesses don't mind a few harmless photos taken. But nowadays selfies are prominent forms of documentation that could lead to legal trouble if used improperly. To make your business a no-selfie zone, you might want to look at the following ways to protect your business and ensure a hassle-free experience for other patrons:

The Basics of Wrongful Death Claims

If a person dies as the result of another person's negligence this could be the basis for awrongful death lawsuit. In a wrongful death claim the person who caused the death will be under investigation to see if they are liable. For example, if a person dies as the result of a drunken driver, a doctors malpractice, or improper safety conditions at work they could potentially be wrongful death victims.

What to Do if You Are On Probation

If you are currently serving probation, you may be wondering what to do to stay clean in the eyes of the law. Further legal trouble while on probation could lead to jail time, extended probation, or added charges. While most probation officers aren't nit-picky enough to send the D.A. a letter over a parking ticket, it's good to know the do's and don't when on probation.

What is the Statute of Limitations?

You've probably heard of the "statute of limitations" at some point in your life, but the term is probably a foggy memory. This statute actually refers to the collective rules regarding when criminal proceedings may be established, and a different statute exists for different types of criminal charges.

What is the Statute of Limitations?

You've probably heard of the "statute of limitations" at some point in your life, but the term is probably a foggy memory. This statute actually refers to the collective rules regarding when criminal proceedings may be established, and a different statute exists for different types of criminal charges.

The Importance of Working Car Lights

You may not think about it in a rush when you're out the door on a gloomy day and already late for work or a meeting, but on gloomy, hazy, rain days, it is important to be in control and have complete visibility on the road in order to protect yourself as well as other from an accident. This is why features like functioning running lights are vital, and it's important to think about this.

Avoiding Personal Injury on a Motorcycle

Despite their popularity, motorcycles are a dangerous mode of transportation. Even though many experienced riders are careful and always wear their helmet, there are additional risks riding on the open road than in a car. Due to the exposure of the body any accident may lead to a serious injury or even death. So if you love these bikes and want to travel in style make sure you know what legal complications are associated with doing so. Proving fault in a motorcycle accident is difficult due to the complexities associated with riding a motorcycle. Make sure you follow these tips to avoid an accident in the first place, and call our law office to speak with an experienced attorney if you do find yourself seeking compensation for an injury.

Most Common Causes of Construction Accidents

Construction is a popular industry in Texas and the greater Austin area where businesses are growing, which is great for the economy, but construction sites are also one of the most dangerous workplaces in America. In 2011, there were 738 construction accidentfatalities in the U.S. To help you avoid serious construction accident injuries and fatalities, here are three common causes of construction accidents:

Personal Injury Lawsuit For Bike Accidents

Most people are aware that when they enter their vehicles they have a risk of getting into an accident, whether it be of their fault or someone else's. Bikes are being utilized more and more often, however, with the increased gas prices and movement towards green transportation. These bikes have the same risks for bikers as if they were driving, if not an increased risk due to the lack of protection. Even though biking may seem safer, bike accidents can occur and do result in serious injuries. If you sustain injuries while biking you may be eligible to file a personal injury lawsuit.

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