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Common Locations for Slip and Fall Accidents

| Oct 28, 2014 | Uncategorized |

Slip and falls are most commonly known to occur on slippery surfaces that have just been cleaned such as in grocery stores or restaurants. However, even privately owned resorts can be the premises upon which a serious injury occurs. If you know where the accident has occurred you are in good shape to file a claim and get a head start in the lawsuit process. This can help you determine what kind of damages to file for and which party you can sue. The liability policies are different for specific venues and might help you learn more about the claims process.

Grocery shops, hotels, and resorts. If the accident took place in grocery shops and other big department stores and home depot, you should be ready to have to deal with corporate attorneys and insurance adjusters. The process may be more complicated than you have expected and these companies usually try to whatever they can to avoid being at fault. This type of big businesses will have an established process for filing such accidents. You may be asked to fill out a report or to call their hotline, but never receive a response. To ensure you are filing your claim correctly and are listened to, contact the attorneys at Kyle Law Firm.

Apartment complexes. When injured at an apartment or rented complex you could either be held at fault or otherwise the landlord could be held liable. Sometimes, both parties will share fault. If you can prove how the accident took place, you might be able to place the fault on the landlord. If your apartment was unsafe or certain safety information was withheld this might be a good reason to claim you were deceived.

Workplace. Workplaces are actually the most common site of injuries, especially in physically labor-intensive fields. Sometimes, accidents in the workplace are covered by the worker’s compensation. Other times, you may have to take legal steps against the employer to get your claim through and reasonably investigated.

Public places. There are documented instances of slip and fall accidents in public parks, buildings, sidewalks and streets. For cases like these, the responsibility may fall on the government sector that has failed to secure a safe environment for the pedestrians. Cases like these may require lots of complex procedures that are best handled by a seasoned attorney.

There are many places a personal injury accident may occur and slip and falls are not limited to specific venues. For this reason, it is important to make sure you take copious notes following an accident and contact our firm as soon as you think a claim may be necessary.