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How to Limit “Selfies” at Your Business

| Oct 20, 2014 | Uncategorized |

Most businesses don’t mind a few harmless photos taken. But nowadays selfies are prominent forms of documentation that could lead to legal trouble if used improperly. To make your business a no-selfie zone, you might want to look at the following ways to protect your business and ensure a hassle-free experience for other patrons:

Prohibit All Photography.

If you don’t mind a broad approach to stopping selfies, then simply institute a no photography policy. In the previous decades, this would have been easier to enforce, as it was far more difficult to randomly take a picture with a camera. Now, of course, selfies are mostly taken with smartphones, and it can be very difficult to tell when someone is texting, browsing, or taking a selfie.

Despite its difficulty to enforce, this kind of broad policy against any photography is completely legal, and you may gain respect from some patrons who feel their rights are being violated and privacy infringed upon by photo takers.

Make Your Business Less Smartphone-Friendly.

Many businesses offer free wifi, which allows patrons to more easily upload selfies without using their cellular data. If you want to stop customers from taking and instantly uploading selfies make your business a spot where wifi isn’t available.

If you’re considering a cell signal blocker to keep your business free of cell phones entirely, make sure you understand that the FCC considers this illegal.

Post a ‘No-Selfies’ Policy.

Similar to the no photography policy, you can just cut to the chase and boot anyone you see taking a selfie. Businesses can legally refuse service so long as the reason is non-discriminatory, and there are no laws protecting selfie-taking as a form of civil right.

Don’t Let Kids In.

While there are some adults who are obsessed with taking pictures of themselves on their phones, it wouldn’t be too much of a stretch to say that teens are the leaders when it comes to taking selfies. Restaurants have been successful in enforcing no under-18 policies, and it might just do the trick to rid your workplace of selfie-taking teenagers.

If you want to implement one of these methods, or have another approach but want to know whether or not it is legal, give one of our business lawyers a call so we can discuss the best ways to protect your business from selfie-takers.