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The Importance of Working Car Lights

| Oct 7, 2014 | Uncategorized |

You may not think about it in a rush when you’re out the door on a gloomy day and already late for work or a meeting, but on gloomy, hazy, rain days, it is important to be in control and have complete visibility on the road in order to protect yourself as well as other from an accident. This is why features like functioning running lights are vital, and it’s important to think about this.

When your vehicle gets inspected by a licensed state inspection station, part of the inspection involves checking all of the working electronics on your vehicle. If a fuse or a bulb is out, or a wiring mishap has developed after a year of weathering and wear-and-tear, some of the functions that make your car safe on the road could be out of commission. One of these functions may be your headlights or running lights.

Running lights are very important for the dreary days where the sun may be hidden behind dense clouds. At night time, it is obviously important to have your headlights fully functioning in order to be seen by oncoming traffic and potential obstacles that might pull out in front of you. However, during the day it is not necessary to use full-headlights because the sun provides enough visibility for responsible drivers to see other commuters.

However there is a definite need for running lights on the days where gloomy weather could make visibility a bit more difficult. Because of the gray skies and possible haze or light drizzle, some darker tinted cars could blend in with surroundings and be hard to see. On top of this, the rain could distract drivers from focusing all their attention on the road, whether it be from their windshield getting murky or thoughts about how the weather could affect their plans for the day.

Should your running lights be turned off or not functioning properly in the event of a day where the extra visibility would be needed, and an accident occurs as a result, you could be held accountable for the negligence behind the wheel. Likewise, if you fall victim to someone else’s carelessness when driving through fog or drizzle, you could be severely injured and hospitalized after a mishap in reading the road.

Car accidents, even seemingly minor ones, can be very hazardous to one’s health. When a driver doesn’t see another on the road due to lack of lights or just plain recklessness, the impact could severely injure you as a result. Brain injuries and serious spinal trauma frequently occur when a driver is blindsided by another at a red light or when pulling out of a parking lot.

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