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What to Bring to Your Injury Consultation

| Oct 21, 2014 | Uncategorized |

Filing a personal injury claim can be a stressful and confusing process, which is why the attorneys at Kyle Law Firm are here to help. Before coming in to meet with us for a consultation, however, have the basics ready to go. Showing up empty-handed makes it harder to create a solid case and know what we’re working with. To make an accurate evaluation of your injury case, it is necessary to demonstrate why you are seeking compensation so we can determine the maximum to fight for. Some clients forget crucial hospital documentation or paperwork that are the grounds for making a case. Make sure to remember these types of documents when you show up for the first time.

Medical Records.

If you were injured in any way you probably have doctor, clinic, or hospital records to prove what care you sought and the severity of injuries. The provider of medical care should have given you records on what procedures were performed, the cost of these procedures, and the contacts for the professionals that dealt with your injuries. Even though you might have to sign a release to obtain access to these records, you have a right to request them. They can be instrumental first steps in proving that you have a case and that your injury has not been adequately compensated for.


If you want to claim expenses associated with the medical care listed above, you need to have proof of what you paid. Assuming that the insurance companies will believe you will not work, because they do not know how much you paid for surgeries, consultations, pain medicine, etc. If you are seeking future pay for associated ongoing medical expenses, these receipts can also serve as an indicator of how much you should receive in that aspect as well.

Communication with the other party.

If the party that you are taking fault with has contacted you in any way-from voicemails, emails, letters, or texts-bring copies of these recordings to your consultation. This can help in settlement cases and may often prove the other party admitted fault and took responsibility for the accident.

Official police report.

If you have a police report associated with your injuries-for example, a car accident-you will want to bring that to your attorney as well. The police report will be obtained right after your accident so make sure you hold on to this piece of evidence which details the severity of the accident immediately afterwards and can be trusted for accuracy.

Insurance policy information.

If you are claiming certain injuries on your own policy, your attorney will want to double check what is covered and for how much. The remainder may be important in determining a settlement amount.

Work payroll information.

If you have missed work or diminished your earning capacity you will need to bring prior paystubs or time sheets during the accident to account for the time missed dealing with the aftermath of injuries as well as how much you used to make. Our team can properly analyze what you would have made had you not been injured and sue for the difference in current potential and past potential.

Legal documents from other parties.

When filing a lawsuit there is often going to be an angry opposing party. They may have sent you a cease and desist letter or contacted you from their respective lawyers. Bring these documents so we know who we are up against and why they are threatening you.

By arriving prepared you increase the chances of our team being able to settle your case for the maximum amount and not waste your time during the free consultation appointment.