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November 2014 Archives

What To Do if You Miss Your DUI Court Date

It's never a good idea to miss a court date, even for a simple traffic violation. But the punishments and consequences associated with skipping out on court might be even worse in a DUI case. While many excuses exist for missing a DUI court date-oversleeping, a sick child, or even having moved outside of the state-it can sometimes take the right legal action to avoid being punished for this lapse in attendance. If you miss your DUI court date, be sure to note the following:

Common Ways to Be Sued Under Premises Liability

You might assume that because you aren't a business owner, or running a dangerous program, you don't have a risk of being sued for injuries that occur on your property. Under the theory of premises liability, however, you may be charged with negligence in certain common situations. Victims are entitled to damages that they sustained, but you don't want to be unfairly blamed. To understand how premises liability works and the common ways that people are sued, read on. You can help protect yourself from being held accountable under premises liability.

Your Options When Insurance Won't Cover It

Despite federal regulations that govern how insurance companies respond to claims, you might find yourself in a struggle if your claim is denied. Even though it is frustrating, insurance companies aren't the only ones you can help you receive compensation for car accident injuries or property damage. Work with our attorneys to utilize the following options.

Protect Your Business in the Cold

As the holidays approach, so do cold weather conditions. Many business owners, especially those in retail, enjoy the holidays as the time where most profits are made thanks to holiday shoppers. In scenarios like this, owners aren't worried about the weather. But as it starts to get cold in Texas, there are several things business owners should do to avoid high maintenance fees and even personal injurylawsuits. To legally protect your business during a cold front, keep an eye on the following:

Court Mediation for Settlements and Lawsuits

The thought of filing and processing a lawsuit can be daunting-after all, it requires both sides to have prepared arguments to present in front of the judge and jury. For those who wish to try to settle the dispute out of court in a private and more casual manner, mediation may be the perfect option. In most mediations, a third-party outsider will work to help both parties come to a mutual agreement. The parties are not obligated to come up with a solution, and can rely on the mediator to add in clauses that make an agreement. This can also save on lawyer fees, as most of the time the individual parties represent themselves.

Does Depression Qualify for Workers' Compensation

Many people believe they can only get workers' compensation for a physical injury, but sometimes mental trauma classifies as an issue for which to receive compensation. Workers' compensation covers any work-related injuries, which can include mental illnesses like depression and anxiety. To be eligible for a depression compensation package, employees must be able to prove that their employment has either caused or strengthened their depressive state in some way. Many workers do not believe that they will be taken seriously if they claim to suffer from depression, but there are some legal points to remember.

Online Shopping Safety Through the Holidays

As Christmas rolls around, online shopping is at an all-time high. But many people are vulnerable to theft or loss, even over the internet. Consumers should be aware of the growing number of online shopping scams and what they may mean for your pockets. While it sounds appealing to buy from a site offering the best deal, sometimes the price really is too good to be true. As Black Friday and Cyber Monday draw near, it can be hard to tell what's a really good deal and what is a scam. Here are some expert tips to avoid being ripped off and having to have the hassle of filing charges.

Who is Considered an Expert Witness?

If you have watched a courtroom drama, you have probably heard of the prosecution or defense calling an "expert witness". But in a day and age when everyone claims to be an expert in something, how can these specialized witnesses actually be trusted to help jurors understand complicated, technical concepts. What types of expert testimony may be permitted, and who qualifies as an expert?

Employers, Remember the Law If Employees Are Pregnant or New Moms

If you are a business owner with some employees who are new mothers or mothers to be, consider the following labor laws and federal regulations when making decisions about their employment. While it may seem confusing to have an employee that is essentially out of the office for a period of time long enough to warrant hiring an new employee, mothers-to-be have important rights granting them employment.

Signs You Need a Car Accident Attorney

If you have been in a car accident, you may have to decide whether or not the accident is different than a run-of-the-mill accident. The difference can be the dividing line between whether or not you get the right compensation. Certain factors may play a role in whether or not you need a car accident attorney to help you fight any possible charges or receive compensation.

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