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Be Wary And Merry: Dangerous Decorations

| Dec 2, 2014 | Uncategorized |

No matter what holiday you celebrate, decorations are always fun. To ring in the festivities you might find yourself putting up a tree, menorah, mistletoe, etc. And while most decorations are relatively harmless, there’s always the risk that something might go wrong. Prepare for these unexpected injuries by reminding your family of the dangers associated with the ordinary, and celebrate a happy holiday season.

Lifting heavy items. Often the holiday season brings in heavy or large packages and boxes, such as Christmas trees, large gifts like TVs, or boxes with previous years’ decorations. If you have something too heavy, don’t be too proud to ask for help. Otherwise you might find yourself with a serious injury. You could hurt your back, cut yourself, or even be crushed. In the holiday spirit everyone will be willing to help out.

Falling from heights. If you decide to put up lights on your roof, be careful that you are stable and will not slide off. If you get snow on the roof and decide to break out the ladder so you can reach up there and clean it off, make sure the ladder has a steady base and get someone to hold the legs. Better to be safe than sorry! Also beware of Christmas pranks-some dare to go down the chimney and pretend to be Santa, but many have gotten stuck or fallen and seriously hurt themselves.

Lights. While reusing past years’ decorations is a great idea, sometimes lights become faulty after a few years. As the cords fray and become damaged, there may be exposed wires or faulty plugs that cause these lights to short out and electrocute, or start a fire. If your lights are old, do yourself a favor and replace. In the event that faulty lights do injure you or a member of your family, call the Kyle Law Firm to see if aproduct liability lawsuit can help you get compensation.

Fires. Candles are big part of the Christmas season, but whether you light a Menorah or simply want a pumpkin candle, you put your home at risk of a fire if the flame is not maintained. Avoiding placing candles near curtains or near flammable materials. Don’t put these lit flames on precarious edges or in a place they may be blown over. Ensure that any time you will leave the candle unattended you blow it out.

Broken ornaments. If you have a box of holiday ornaments, you will probably want to light up the room with these sparkly orbs. Be wary of breaking them, however, because the glass can shatter around you and hurt bare feet or cut hands. If an ornament or decoration does break, be sure to sweep the area thoroughly and clean up sharp pieces with care. If an ornament does hurt you in a way that you don’t expect, make sure that you call our legal team so we can evaluate whether or not you have a product liability lawsuit.

The holidays are a special time and it can be fun to decorate with this spirit. Be cautious, however, and ensure that your family is protected from the unforeseen dangers of the holiday.