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Steps to Take if Falsely Accused of a Crime

| Dec 22, 2014 | Uncategorized |

Being falsely accused of a crime can be terrifying, but fortunately the justice system exists to give you a chance to prove your innocence. You and your attorney can work together to present evidence removing you from the scene of the crime. It is essential you call us as soon as you are accused so we can work to show you in the best light. After discussing the case with our lawyers, the next steps to take include:

  • Gathering physical evidence relating to the incident including photos, clothes, or videos.
  • Look for letters, documents, and financial bills if this case relates to business. Otherwise, check phone records and GPS logs to see if you can prove you were elsewhere during the crime.
  • List any witnesses, including the victim and those who you believe will testify in favor of the opposing party.

Share the above materials with your lawyer. However, note that you may be tempted to take several of the following steps that are advised against, unless you obtain special permissions from your lawyer:

  • Destroy any evidence, even if you believe it to be unfavorable. It will most likely be discovered and will cast suspicion on your character.
  • Try and talk to the victim or witnesses, as this may come off as threatening or attempting to sway potential sources of evidence.
  • Talk to law enforcement officials without your lawyer present, or submit to testing (like DNA tests) without a lawyer, even if you believe doing these things will help prove you are not guilty.

If the accuser is someone you know personally, you may feel that sorting things out in person will be the key to resolving the matter without trial. However, you could be accused of intimidating a witness if not careful, so if you truly believe a meeting with the alleged victim will help make sure your attorney agrees and arranges the meeting.

If you happen to be falsely convicted, you will need to begin conversation with your lawyer about the trial and whether the prosecution can prove you committed the crime beyond a reasonable doubt. During the investigation phase, you and your attorney can see if the evidence presented by the prosecution will be enough to have a reasonable jury convict.

You might also need to consider plea bargains. While this can be very demeaning if you have not committed the crime in question, certain circumstances exist in which it may be difficult to convince a jury of innocence. If both parties are agreeable, pleading to a lesser charge, or even agreeing to a sentence that will help you avoid a criminal record, will help you avoid receiving the maximum sentence for a crime not committed.

Again, do not be afraid to contact your lawyer with any questions and be transparent about your situation. Your lawyer is entitled to protect your rights and can help you agree to the best plea offer if needed. Our team of lawyers is committed to getting your charges dropped, so call us today so we can schedule an appointment and clear your good name.