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Month: January 2015

Rules to Follow as a Juror

As a citizen you reap the many benefits that accompany citizenship. Once summoned to the court to serve as a juror you are given the opportunity to fulfill your civic duty. Serving as a juror is a privilege that one should honor and complete to the best of ones...

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How to Avoid Auto Theft

Auto theft is a serious issue and there are many ways to reduce the chances of auto theftfor you and your loved ones. The US auto theft statistics are frightening. According to the FBI an "automobile is stolen every 44 seconds" in the United States. The top motor...

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What to Do in Rental Car Crashes

Rental car crashes can almost be more stressful than crashes occurring in your own vehicle-what are the proper steps to take and how do you know whether or not you will be responsible for damages to the car? Consider the practical advice to prepare for the worst and...

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Ways to Manage Your Probation

You have been convicted of a crime, attended court, and now you are on probation. So what happens now? Being on probation is a very serious situation that requires you to adhere to certain rules and regulations. Failure to follow these conditions can lead to...

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What is Deferred Adjudication?

Posted By || 12-Jan-2015If you are ever convicted of a crime, it can be terrifying to think of the potential after-effects of sentencing. For example, how will you be able to get a job or rent an apartment with a criminal history? Will...

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The Basic Types of Product Liability

When an individual uses and is harmed by an unsafe product, it might be possibility to claim product liability as a reason for filing a lawsuit against the producer or store that willingly sold you the product. Product liability is mostly related to defects in the...

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Can You Sue Gyms for Injuries?

More and more people are getting their workouts through extreme sports clubs or gyms like CrossFit, which is increasingly popular among fans of high-intensity workouts. There is also a high level of risk associated with CrossFit such as overuse of muscles. In fact,...

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