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How to Avoid Auto Theft

| Jan 28, 2015 | Uncategorized |

Auto theft is a serious issue and there are many ways to reduce the chances of auto theftfor you and your loved ones. The US auto theft statistics are frightening. According to the FBI an “automobile is stolen every 44 seconds” in the United States. The top motor vehicle brands, which are prime jewels for car thieves, are Honda’s, Chevy’s, then Fords. Trucks are particularity attractive for thieves because of the truck bed. Many owners carelessly place expensive items such as tools for work in the bed of their truck. To become a victim of auto theft is as easy as leaving your truck running alone for a few seconds while running into the store to grab a quick drink.

According to the APD Property Crime Statistics, auto theft crimes have increased 6% from the year of 2013 to 2014. This percentage increase includes scooters, motorcycles, mid-sized cars, and big trucks. Fortunately for us all, technology has improved over the years and the engineering of auto theft systems for vehicles are continually getting better.

Follow these tips to prevent yourself from falling victim to auto theft:

Always lock your car, even while pumping gas. Convenient stations are swarming with strangers from all areas of life. It is always better to be safe than sorry, especially in a situation where you have control. Create the habit to lock your car and take your keys with you wherever you go to reduce the chances of auto theft happening to you.

Never leave your vehicle on while unattended. A vast majority of people will turn on their vehicle as an intent to warm it up then leave it idle while they attend to other activities. This bad habit is very common during winter months where the mornings and evenings are very cold. Try to avoid this situation and don’t sacrifice your main source of travel because you desired to be warm on the way to your destination. It is actually a crime in the state of Texas to leave your key in an unattended vehicle.

Hide your personal belongings. While some automobiles have the luxury feature of tinted windows, a majority of vehicles do not. Trucks and cars live in parking lots, garages, and sides of roads during general business hours. Thieves like to “window shop” parked vehicles, both during the day while you are at work and at night while you are sleeping. In this case, secure your belongings by taking them with you or hiding them in the trunk or underneath the seat.

Invest in theft deterrents. There are multiple options for protecting your vehicle from thieves, some of which include a tire and steering wheel lock, vehicle tracking system, kill switch and car alarm systems. Some vehicles already have some of these features installed. It is recommended to research which type of anti theft system would work with your automobile model.

If you or anyone you know has been a victim of car theft please contact us at Kyle Law Firm to get the protection that you deserve.