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Type of Compensation Available in Slip and Fall Accidents

| Jan 7, 2015 | Uncategorized |

If you’ve suffered as the result of a slip and fall accident and are seeking compensation for your injuries from the property owner or responsible party, it’s important to know why you might be receiving certain parts of your settlement and for what areas you are currently uncompensated. In addition to hospital and medical bills that seem most obvious, there are many ways to request compensation through facets like loss of enjoyment, pain and suffering, and even mental anguish. Find out more about these venues here.

Disfigurement. If you were hurt in an accident that left you deformed or disfigured, you can sue the plaintiff on the grounds that knowledge of the permanent physical damage is giving mental anguish.

Future Medical Bills. When settling, you don’t want to just present the current medical receipts and bills. Instead think about the medical changes that have resulted from this accident-in this case you will want to relate how often you will need to see a doctor in the future to your current settlement suit.

Household Services. Sometimes included in the medical bills, these charges include compensation for having someone come over to take care of daily household things such as cleaning or cooking while the patient was recovering.

Loss of Consortium. If the injured party is married, he or the uninjured spouse may claim they suffer from a loss of consortium, which may include solace, comfort, intimacy, and sexual relations as a result of the accident. If the marriage was stable before the accident and certain forms of connection are now lost, the parties may due for these types of damages.

Loss of Enjoyment of Life. This may mean an inability to enjoy the daily comforts or joys of the world that could previously be seen. This means that if a victim typically plays golf every day and finds great comfort from it and it had been an integral part of the lifestyle, and finds himself no longer able to enjoy the game, he has experienced a loss of enjoyment.

Lost Earning Capacity. If a victim of an injury can prove that he or she will not be able to find the same caliber job that they enjoyed before the accident and can no longer make as much money or will be unable to work, they can sue on the grounds that they no longer can earn what they would have made without the injury.

Lost Wages. Similar to the lost earning capacity, lost wages refer to the unearned wages specifically between the time of injury and time of settlement.

Medical Expenses. Medical expenses include bills and expenses for doctors, hospital visits, treatments and surgeries, ambulances, etc. The medical expenses must be the direct result of the injury in question.

Mental Anguish. And mental suffering or emotional distress is considered mental anguish and may include fright, terror, apprehension, nervousness, anxiety, worry, humiliation, mortification, feeling of lost dignity, embarrassment, grief, and shock.

There are many other types of suits that can be filed, so if you are considering a personal injury lawsuit and are wondering what kind of damages you may be able to recover, call our office today so we can discuss the best settlement available to you. The team at the Kyle Law Firm is here to help.